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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Frome

There’s no place like Frome.

But just like other peaceful communities across England, this civil parish town in eastern Somerset, has its fair share of addiction challenges that have beset the UK.

Local crimes of anti-social behaviour and public disorders have consistently been associated with substance abuse.

At one point, the quiet town has also been a secret site for a marijuana research facility.

Addiction progresses incessantly to the point that you think that you can no longer survive without drugs or alcohol.

It will damage your brain and gets you to abandon your responsibilities in life.

It hinders your growth and breaks your self-assurance.

It wrecks homes and destroys your life.

There is no acceptable reason to use and live on drugs and alcohol.

If you or a loved one is known to have been fighting with addiction, Abbeyare rehab Clinic near Frome can provide you with appropriate kind of help before things spiral out of control.

When you enter the Abbeycare rehab programme in Frome, the first part of the treatment procedure is a clinically-administered detox.


The detox process is comprised of the following stages:

Comprehensive clinical assessment. A licensed detox clinician will conduct a health and drug history assessment to determine your physical and psychological needs for detox.

Based on the assessment, a detox plan will be tailored to your requirements.


Supervised detox. During your detox, Abbeycare rehab staff in Frome will conduct 24/7 monitoring and continuous care while you get rid of toxins in your body.

Medicine may be administered to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

We will also ensure that you receive the necessary physical, emotional and motivational support.


Stabilisation. As your body starts to normalise with the absence of drugs or alcohol, you will start to undergo counselling to help you acknowledge your detrimental lifestyle as you begin to assume better behaviours in fine fettle.

All through the duration of your detox, your family will be regularly informed about your condition and progress.

This will keep your loved one’s peace of mind for their peace of mind.


To learn more about our detox procedures, call Abbeycare Rehab in Frome now on 01603 513 091.


Long-Term Addiction Rehab Treatment

The phase of recovery from addiction depends on a lot of factors.

This includes the severity of your addiction, history of addiction, social environment, and personal circumstances in life, among others.

Some may require a long-term addiction treatment rehab programme that can last for 60 to 90 days.

The longer duration of the rehab programme can provide you with more time to stay in a safe place free from temptations to be sober.

It buys you more time to reflect, absorb, and accept the hidden psychological doubts uncertainties and fears that you keep in life.

It gives you more time to learn the life skills and tools for managing stressors in life.

It provides more time to adjust to a life of recovery.

All this impacts your ability to avoid the risk of relapse for life-long sobriety.

Finally, it also offers an opportunity to develop a stronger support community as it takes time to build relationships, for a solid recovery foundation.

Abbeycare rehab’s inpatient programme in Frome only lasts for 28 days.

However, extensions may be requested and arranged if necessary for longer addiction treatment.


Treatment modalities at Abbeycare Rehab Frome

Treatment modalities at Abbeycare rehab Frome are intended to provide a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.

This means that our rehab programme in Frome is designed to treat symptoms of addiction, co-occurring disorders, and underlying causes of your addiction.

Our rehab programme is structured but individual treatment plans are customised according to client needs.

As you advance thru our 12-step rehab immersion process, you will undergo the following modalities that rightly match your personal recovery.

Individual counselling. A one to one session with a counsellor concentrates addressing personal challenges in life that impact your substance abuse.

Group Counselling. This involves a general discussion of issues affecting addiction with peers, includes insights and deliberations about negative attitudes, outlooks, and behaviours in life.

Lecture series. This will teach you everything about addiction recovery.

It includes information about the disease, its impact on yourself, family and society, health and nutrition, and life skills for a lifetime of recovery.

Holistic Therapies. This includes a range of alternative healing strategies like Reiki, meditation, and massage aimed to facilitate the healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

12-Step Program. Our rehab programme is deeply rooted in the 12 step programme.

This essentially provides the step by step guide that you need to go through towards a life of recovery in our rehab clinic in Frome.

Aftercare Planning. Rehab aftercare is an integral component of our programme to prepare your transition to society.

This will provide you with a practical and clear cut guide on how to conduct your life when you get back to the real world.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, is one of the most prominent behavioural therapies used in rehab to cure and manage addiction disorders.

The focal principle behind CBT is that learning plays a key role in the development of addiction.

In as much as addictive behaviours are learned, they can also be effectively unlearned.

This can be achieved by changing your thoughts, outlooks, and attitudes that in turn can also change your behaviours.

This is achieved by evaluating your attitudes, beliefs, and thought patterns with the help of a counsellor and replacing them with positive ones.

In the process, the session teaches you with skills and strategies for coping with stress and cravings, identifying triggers, and avoiding high-risk situations.

Counsellors practice different approaches in facilitating CBT sessions.

This includes helping you to self-realise the consequence of continued substance abuse, recognising cravings at an early stage, determining high-risk situations, and planning on what to do to prevent relapse, overcome trauma, control emotions and heal relationships.

Your addiction is just the tip of the iceberg.

At Abbeycare Rehab Frome, we focus on the underlying causes and address the real issues that cause your addiction.

Start your healing, recovery, and new life by calling our rehab clinic in Frome at 01603 513 091.


Abbeycare serving Frome

It is the mission of Abbeycare rehab Frome to recover individual lives and help you fulfil your purpose.

We believe that every person is capable of change and recovery.

With our clinical methods and evidence-based rehab treatment therapies, we eliminate the personal obstacles that can prevent your successful recovery.

Our residential rehab programme in Frome aims to augment sober success rates through personalised treatment plans composed of the following:

  • Clinically managed detox
  • 12-step rehab Immersion
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Holistic therapies for mind body and spiritual healing
  • Relapse prevention education
  • A full continuum of care
  • Rehab aftercare planning



  • Is the rehab programme at Abbeycare gender-specific?

The Abbeycare rehab programme in Frome is open for all people regardless of gender or gender preference.

However, we develop a personalised rehab treatment plan which considers your personal circumstances including your gender-specific requirements.


  • Is long-term rehab more effective than 28-day treatment?

It depends. A 28-day residential rehab programme is sufficiently effective for some clients.

For others, recovery takes a little more while and long term rehab may be needed for effective recovery.


  • What happens if I’m in rehab during the holidays?

During holidays like Christmas and New Year, you will be provided ample visitation hours by your family and friends.

While you spend the holidays in rehab, you are still sure to have a great time.

Our on-duty staff in Frome usually holds simple revelries to celebrate the holidays together.

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