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The Addiction Problem in East Grinstead Town

Drug taking and dealing is a prevailing issue in East Grinstead. Surrey Police have just jailed a drug dealer for 28 months following intelligence received.

On average 350 drug related crimes are committed every month in Sussex.

It’s not just drug dealers who will be arrested if they get caught. Carrying drugs for personal use could get you a large fine or time in prison too.

Convincing a friend or loved on to change is never easy.

Accepting that you or a loved one has addiction problems is a difficult first step towards recovery.

Let hope override the feelings of fear, anger, shame, and guilt that can get in the way to acceptance.

If you are looking for treatment, focus on the harm caused by substance abuse in your life.

This will hopefully drive you to change.

No matter how small you think the damage addiction has done in your life, it is a big deal to the people who love you.

Don’t let yourself hit “rock bottom” to call for help.

If you are reading this, you are facing the right direction towards recovery.

Substance Abuse Affects Relationships

A cycle of conflict occurs in domestic partnerships that suffer from addiction problems.

The conflict evolves from simple verbal conflicts to physical violence.

While many family issues often boil up, addiction will ultimately become the focal point of conflict.

The common issues that emerge include financial difficulties, sexual dysfunction, infidelity, shame or embarrassment in social occasions, broken promises, and failure to fulfil responsibilities, child custody, and the denial of continued substance abuse.

Regardless of the source of disagreements, the problem of addiction will always be blamed.

In the long run, divorce is inevitable.

Don’t let drugs or alcohol ruin your love and life.

If things are going wrong in your life because of your addiction, don’t go with them, call Abbeycare now at 01603 513 091.

The Importance of Nutrition and Healing

Taking care of your physical health is an integral component of your addiction recovery process.

Improving your health starts with correct nutrition.

During the detox stage, we have dieticians that will keep our clients hydrated and strong in confronting the rigors of detoxification.

Food rich in water not only complements hydration but also helps flush toxins out of your body.

A nutritious balanced diet composed of fruits, vegetables, dairies, cereals, and eggs provides the body with much-needed minerals and boosts the immune system.

Food provided to clients in rehab is geared towards working against the damage of addiction and healing the body.

At Abbeycare, we believe that your first wealth is health-  that is why we focus on wellness in treating addiction.

Surrey addiction rehab for you is available here.

A Day in the Life of Rehab

Clients undergoing our inpatient treatment adhere to a structured programme that facilitates their maximum engagement in their treatment.

As part of our individualised treatment plan, each client’s schedule is customised to address their unique treatment needs and facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Our residential programme follows a schedule set of activities that starts with breakfast at 7 AM.

This is followed by meditation and exercise or physical training.

Peer and group meetings are the main counselling activities in the morning which ends before lunch at noon.

Afternoon activities will include one to one counselling, nutrition and wellness training, expressive and holistic therapies.

Dinner is served between 5 to 6 PM.

After dinner, a recovery meeting is held plus group recreational activities.

By 10:00 PM, clients are expected to rest to have a full goodnight’s sleep.

The group activities, recreational activities, and holistic/ expressive therapies may differ for each client.

Depending on the client needs, the programme may include life skills education, individualised family therapy, and specific life skills education, among others.

Join the Abbeycare family now by calling 01603 513 091.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is one of the most important complementary and integrative treatments for addiction and other mental health disorders.

As its name suggests, it utilises music to assist an individual in their treatment.

Music is the food for the soul.

It works as a form of entertainment and relaxation that can help energise a person and enhance your life.

It has the power to touch and motivate you to perform productively and reach your objectives.

Music is associated with the production of human emotional conditions.

It can make a person happy and energetic or it can make a person sad and lethargic.

As a complementary therapy, it is used to reinforce the emotions that a specific primary treatment intervention calls for.

For instance, it helps a person reach a relaxing meditative state or achieve cheerfulness during a recreational activity.

Depression & Substance Abuse

A high number of people with an addiction problem are also suffering some form of depression.

Addicts wrongly believe that alcohol or drugs provide relief from feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and emptiness, which is often associated with depression.

Unknowingly, the addiction that results from substance abuse would actually cause a frequent and intense depression that can lead to self-destruction.

Family history, traumatic experiences, and brain chemical imbalances can contribute to the coincidence of depression and substance abuse.

At Abbeycare, our rehab programme is designed to address addiction and depression by empowering the person to learn to love oneself and build a healthy and meaningful life.

Our addiction treatment programme integrates mental health and recovery services to treat underlying causes of addiction including depression.

Call Abbeycare now on 01603 513 091 and we will help transform your greatest pains in life to become your greatest strengths.


  • Are family menbers allwoed to visit me in rehab?

Definitely. Your family and friends are an important source of inspiration, strength, and support for your recovery.

We welcome and encourage scheduled visits from your loved ones during your rehab.

  • Will my sex life be better after rehab?

Drugs and alcohol may momentarily remove your inhibitions to have sex but it can impair your sex drive and diminish your sexual performance in the long term. By cleaning your body from toxins, you will regain renewed sexual appetite and ability. With a clear mind, the risk of having multiple partners and getting sexually transmitted diseases will also be avoided.

  • Can I still work while at rehab?

It depends on the rehab programme that you undergo.

If you are under in residential or inpatient programme, you cannot work while undergoing rehab. You are required to stay in the rehab facility, your use of computers and phones will be restricted and rehab activities will keep you preoccupied the whole day.

The inpatient programme is an intensive programme that requires your full-time attention.

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