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The Addiction Problem in Dursley

Addiction is essentially mixed up with three types of offenses, namely; possession or sale of illegal drugs, felonies directly associated with substance abuse e.g. stealing; and wrongdoings related to a lifestyle of addiction like aggression and violence.

In Dursley and other areas in South Gloucestershire, the connection between crime and addiction is very much evident.

The majority of criminals that have been incarcerated in these areas are either directly or indirectly associated with drugs.

Organised criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking also terrorise small towns.

Criminals from petty theft to violent acts are often drug users.

Sometimes drugs and alcohol play a role in criminal activity even when the offender is not under the influence at the time the crime is committed.

Moreover, many people struggling with addiction are inclined to commit foolish delinquent behaviours.

Crime-related addiction demonstrates the fact that when you are on drugs, you don’t just hurt yourself but others as well.

This makes addiction a social threat that must be eradicated.

If you are looking for rehab Gloucestershire and surrounding areas then we are here. Abbeycare is a professional drug rehab and alcohol rehab institution that fights the challenges of addiction in the Dursely region and across the UK by treating addicts of the disease.

Trusting Yourself

Trusting in yourself is a necessary ingredient to recovery.

If you don’t trust yourself, you are bound to fail.

You will doubt your ability to change and to succeed.

You will allow yourself to be swayed and controlled by negative forces like an addiction.

If you don’t trust yourself, you will never learn how to trust others.

At Abbeycare rehab near Dursley, we will help you learn and develop trust in yourself.

You need to believe in yourself so that you will be ready and able to embrace change.

We will empower you to take on challenges and conquer your fears.

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you. Let the gift of intuition guide you to change.

If you feel you can trust yourself to change, call Abbeycare rehab Dursley now at 01603 513 091 and we will guide you where you need to go.

The Rubrics of Recovery

Recovery is a lifelong process.

To achieve this, you should keep in the mind the essential rubrics of recovery as follows:

Change in life. Rehab or addiction treatment and recovery are more than just quitting drugs or alcohol.
It is a complete change of your outlook on life revealed in the way you think and act.

Complete Honesty. The truth will set you free.
You need to be always honest to yourself and to others to prevent getting back to a life of lies and fears.

No man is an island. You cannot make it on your own.
You must seek or ask the support of other people for a lifetime of sobriety and recovery.

Self-Care. The ultimate goal of recovery is for you to learn to love yourself.
You must love yourself so much that you will not do anything to harm you – like drinking or taking drugs.

Stick to the rules. Discipline is the key to lasting sobriety.
If you give a tiny room for breaking or bending the rules, you might be pulled back to addiction.

Abbeycare rehab Dursley is here to help you throughout your recovery.

Call our rehab Dursley today at 01603 513 091 for the change that you long for.

Massage Therapy in Recovery

Although massage therapy is not commonly used as part of addiction treatment, it offers several benefits to people in recovery.

You will experience muscle aches and sores while on recovery.

Headaches, insomnia, and other body pains will occur as part of your withdrawal symptoms.

These physical discomforts can extend even after completion of the detox stage.

This is where holistic therapies like body massages come in the picture.

A body massage will help you relax and ease you from the stress and tension you feel in the body.

It will enhance your immune response to help you be stronger for the physical and mental challenges the lie ahead.

It will increase your attentiveness so that you can engage and participate better in counselling treatment and activities.

It will decrease your cravings for substances and will make you feel good about yourself.

The massage therapy is one of the holistic therapies that Abbeycare provides to all its residential clients.

Theses holistic care helps clients heal and restore their mind, body, and spirit.

At Abbeycare rehab Dursley, we believe that your body is also your home that’s why it needs to be taken care of properly.

Call us now at 01603 513 091 and experience complete healing on your road to recovery and wellness.

Addiction Support Groups

You are not the only person plagued with an addiction problem.

Millions of people across the world suffer the same disease as you are.

One way to overcome your substance abuse disorder is through addiction support groups or simple rehab aftercare programme.

These groups are comprised of people who experience the same sufferings and problems with addiction.

Attending these support groups will allow you to meet people with whom you can relate to and identify with.

Joining these support groups will help you feel that you are not alone in your battle.

There are also different types of support groups that target specific members with specific needs.

In addiction support groups, you can find people who will listen to you and understand you.

You will also learn a lot from people from different experiences.

Finally, support groups act as your social base from where you can create a new circle of friends who will help you to a lifetime of recovery.

Abbeycare serving Rehab in Dursley

Abbeycare stirs individuals from unhealthy dependence to freedom, from shattered relations to strong bonds, from stifling fear to redemptive courage, from strangling guilt to energising responsibility and from darkness to light.

Whether it’s a chemical addiction or behavioural disorder and everything in between, Abbeycare takes a clinically intensive, personalised approach to treating your addiction by unearthing and addressing the root cause of the disease.

Our mission is to help you, whoever you are, to achieve long-term recovery, physical, mental and spiritual health, and the life you wanted to have.

If you are from Dursley, Abbeycare is the ideal rehab to seek help.

Call us rehab Dursley at 01603 513 091 and experience the compassion and care that you and your family need for a lasting recovery.

Rehab Dursley FAQ

  • Is there a gym or exercise programme available at Abbeycare?

Abbeycare rehab Dursley clinic does not have a gym inside its premises but it does provide exercise programmes. We provide exercise facilities and activities for residents undergoing rehab.

We also provide outings to local gyms neighbouring the clinic for residents who want more strenuous exercise activities.

  • Should I send money to a loved one undergoing treatment?

Everything that your loved one will need during his/ her stay in Abbeycare for rehab is already provided. Sending money for a loved one undergoing treatment is entirely up to you. You can send money for incidentals like personal care items.

  • Do you treat trauma?

Yes. Abbeycare rehab Dursley provides treatment for trauma and other mental health conditions which can be a root cause of addiction.

It also provides treatment to trauma, anxiety, and depression as a co-occurring disorder with an addiction.

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