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Help with the addiction problem in Coventry

West Midlands police are taking steps to tackle County Lines drug supply in Coventry and across the wider region. They’ve recently arrested 26 people, many affiliated with city gangs – guns, knives, and drugs have been recovered, plus 26 vehicles seized.

Coventry City Council has a drug and alcohol strategy outlining what their plans are to combat drug and alcohol misuse. Abbeycare too is here to help.

Substance abuse can affect anybody from all walks of life or socioeconomic status.

Whatever your reasons are for using drugs, abuse can result in tolerance, amplified use, dependence, and, finally addiction without you realising it.

When a full-scale addiction sets in, it will be very hard for you to quit using drugs without professional help.

Addiction can inflict harm to your mind, body, and spirit.

Eventually, it will take a toll on your life and you will no longer be in control.

If you are concerned that you can’t control your drug use or drinking, it is essential to get help right away.

Waiting is not a good idea – your problem will only get worse.

Let Abbeycare help and save you from the worst.

What can rehab do for you?

Rehab is the best way to be treated if you suffer from addiction.

Its primary objective is to help you overcome the problems that cause you to drink or use the drug so that you can live and function well without them.

Rehab will teach you how to love yourself so that you will resist drugs and alcohol.

More specifically, rehab will help with achieving the following goals.

  • Stop the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Clean your body from alcohol and drugs.
  • Establish a support system that will sustain your motivation to change and recovery.
  • Heal your body, mind, and spirit and improve your overall outlook and health.
  • Improve your personal circumstances like rebuilding family relationships.
  • Help you develop the right attitude and personality to meet employment and educational needs
  • Decrease criminal behaviour and settle legal problems
  • Address other mental and psychological problems that contribute to your addiction.

If you live in Coventry and are ready for change, contact Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 and we will help you.

Types of addictions treated at Abbeycare

Abbeycare caters to all types of chemical and behavioural addictions.

The leading types of addictions that we treat include:

Alcoholism – Addiction to liquor and alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, whiskey, scotch, rum, and brandy among others.

Illicit Drug addiction – Addiction to illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and marijuana.

Prescription drug addiction – Addiction to legal prescription drugs or medicines like pain killers and sleeping pills.

Poly-drug addictions – Addiction to drug mixtures or a different combination of drugs

Dual Diagnosis disorders – Substance addiction with co-occurring mental and psychological illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.

Behavioural addiction – Addiction that is not chemical in nature such as sex addiction, compulsive gambling, obsessive eating, etc.

While these different types of addiction are distinct from each other, they have universal elements that our rehab treatment programme focuses on.

Abbeycare provides a structured treatment programme for all types of addiction.

Treatment plans are customised according to the type of addiction to address specific medical and psychological issues.

We specialise in helping persistent relapsers and resilient patients.

For more information about how our services can help you or your loved one achieve permanent sobriety, please contact us at 01603 513 091.

Counselling in addiction treatment

Counselling is the backbone of any rehab programme.

It comes in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), family therapy, and other types of Psychotherapy.

Counselling is essential in rehab because addiction is more than physical dependence.

Mental and psychological health conditions play a role in substance abuse.

Even when your body has freed itself from drugs or alcohol after detox, you remain at risk for relapse.

Mental and social dynamics like depression, trauma, peer pressure, and stress, serve as formidable triggers that can cause a relapse.

Counselling works to help you control these cravings by teaching you how to manage and face whatever life throws at you.

It helps you to be strong, heal wounds, release repressed emotions, clear your mind and find your true north.

If you are ready to change, call Abbeycare on 01603 513 091  and speak to our addiction experts.

Learning healthy coping skills

Using drugs and alcohol is an unhealthy coping strategy use by people to deal with stress and problems in life, which leads to substance abuse and addiction.

In rehab, we will teach you healthy coping skills to help you manage stressful situations that could trigger a relapse.

The two major types of healthy coping skills are problem-based and emotion-based coping skills.

Problem-based coping skills focus on how to eliminate or change the situation in dealing with a stressful situation.

This includes skills like time management, objectivity, independence, and the creation of healthy boundaries.

Emotion-based coping skills focus on how to calm or appease your emotions in a tough or stressful situation.

This includes skills like meditation, exercise, and music, and art therapy among others.

These skills are used when you cannot change a situation but must learn how to adapt, deal, and live with it.

At Abbeycare, we can help you learn these methods to manage your stress.

Alcohol and drugs aren’t the answer.

Call us today at 01603 513 091 and we will give you the answer to your problems.

Your recovery starts with Abbeycare

If you live in Coventry you’ve got plenty of choices for rehab.

Abbeycare has been the preferred rehab facility by many people because: 

The different types of addiction treated – Abbeycare provides structured addiction treatment and rehabilitation programme for all types of addiction.

We customise treatment plans for individual clients according to their type of addiction and other personal needs and circumstances.

The variety of therapy offered – Abbeycare provides counselling therapy and family therapy to address the mental and psychological root causes of addiction.

We also offer different types of holistic therapies like Reiki and massage among others to facilitate the healing of the mind, body, and spirit of clients to achieve full and enduring recovery.

Best aftercare plan. Recovery is a life-long process.

Abbeycare’s aftercare plan is a lifelong consummation of its rehab programme.

Your faithful observance of the aftercare plan will be the key to your lifetime recovery.

Our credentials and licensing. Abbeycare is a fully licensed and accredited rehab clinic by the UK government.

All its facilities, staff, procedures, and services have undergone stringent evaluation and have successfully met the safety and quality standards set by the government.

Invaluable support groups. A solid social support is essential for recovery.

Abbeycare is affiliated and involved in many support groups that its clients can join after rehab for their social support for their continuing journey to recovery.

Flexible payment options. Abbeycare provides different payment options to clients to make treatment economical, viable, and convenient for many people.

You can call Abbeycare at 01603 513 091 for help.


  • What is an addictionologist?

A certified general-practitioner of medicine or physician that specialises in the diagnosis, study, treatment, and the provision of medical care to people struggling which chemical (drug and alcohol) and behavioural addiction.

  • Will staff be available for me if I needed extra help during my rehab?

Always. Abbeycare provides 24-7 monitoring and continuing care to all clients while in rehab especially during the detox stage.

Every resident is also assigned an individual key worker who will always be available to you for any kind of support including having someone to talk to.

  • How quickly can you become addicted?

Addiction progresses gradually. The phase of progression depends on factors like social environment, family history, age, genetics, and gender, among others.

These cause some people to become addicted after using drugs just a few times while others take a longer time to become addicted.

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