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The addiction problem in Churchdown

The UK has one of the highest rates of alcohol and drug addiction problems in the world.

For most of you, the use of drugs or alcohol starts an occasional habit for fun and pleasure.

Eventually, the habit becomes uncontrollable and you become dependent on it.

You lose the power to stop as the drugs or alcohol take control of your life.

In the village of Churchdown in Gloucestershire, drug and alcohol addiction is also a problem of the community.

Several drug traffickers and dealers of heroin and crack cocaine have already been successfully caught and jailed by local authorities.

Meanwhile, problem drinking has recently climbed during the Covid19 lockdown as a decrease in support services and increasing anxiety brought by the pandemic are driving many back to the bottle.

Churchdown residents seeking help for addiction have always counted on Abbeycare rehab for hope and change

Abbeycare rehab Churchdown is a leading provider of drug rehab and alcohol rehab and recovery in Churchdown and nearby areas.

As a fully accredited healthcare facility, it is one of the most trusted providers of addiction treatment in the UK and Rehab Clinic Gloucester.


12-step rehabilitation treatment in rehab Churchdown

The 12-step approach is one of the most popular and widely used programmes in rehab centres primarily due to success.

You may have heard many stories of how people beat addiction and achieve sobriety through the 12-step rehab method.

Normally, counsellors facilitating the 12-step rehab method will discuss the first 2 steps and leaves the rest for a client to complete.

The first step primarily involves accepting your powerlessness over your addiction.

This is followed by building faith in yourself to it to restore yourself back.

The next steps in rehab involve taking inventory of yourself, admitting your actions against others, and making amends.

The final steps encompass reinforcing your new-found faith through meditation and passing the enlightenment you attained to others.

After completing the rehab, you will still be required to join 12-step meetings near your area.

Rehab Aftercare allows you to continue working on the steps and build needed support groups at the same time for your continuing recovery.

Call Abbeycare rehab Churchdown at 01603 513 091 and learn how to let your past make you better, not bitter.


How does addiction affect the family?

You are not the only victim of your addiction.

Those around you are also victims of your addiction.

The effects of addiction to your loved ones are significant and deep.

Your loved ones suffer financial consequences as addiction can drain family finances.

Your spouse and children may suffer physical abuse or emotional neglect as you unconsciously change your behaviour.

This experience can, in turn, result in trauma and stress, which can drive them depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

With careless behaviour, you could also increase their risk of getting infected with deadly diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Still, they are burdened with guilt for not being able to help you.

Do not let addiction destroy your family.

Get help now by calling us at 01603 513 091.


Holistic drug addiction Rehab Churchdown

Aside from the traditional approach to treatment based upon the principles of the 12-step rehab, Abbeycare rehab Churchdown provides holistic drug rehab that heals everything in you that was damaged by addiction.

Holistic rehab involves the use of various powerful therapeutic techniques and methods design to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

The philosophy behind the holistic approach is that your wellness is constituted by different dimensions including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational.

These realms are closely interconnected to one another that a breakdown in one aspect can affect the rest.

Thus, they must be equally given attention to achieve complete wellness.

At Abbeycacre, holistic therapies like massage, Reiki, mindfulness meditation, recreation, exercise, and art therapy addresses the different aspects of your wellness.

These practices should also be incorporated into your lifestyle after rehab for your continuing recovery.

To learn more about Abbeycare rehab Churchdown’s holistic approach to treatment, call us now on 01603 513 091.


What should your loved ones expect while you are in rehab Churchdown?

Your family and friends play a key role in your successful treatment and recovery.

The treatment may be difficult for you but it can be puzzling or overwhelming to your loved ones.


It is therefore helpful for your family and friends to know what to expect during your rehab:

  • An emotional time. Rehab can be an emotional time for everybody.


This is a time when repressed emotions like anger, jealously, fears, and other negative emotions may be expressed.


Your loved ones should be prepared and must keep a mind open for communication and understanding.

  • Development of a new addiction. While you may have successfully treated your addiction, you still have an underlying propensity towards other addictive behaviours.

This means that you are prone to substitute another addictive behaviour to your previous addiction like excessive smoking, video gaming, or shopping.


Your loved ones should similarly be observant of your tendencies to help you to engage in these behaviours in moderation.

  • Forgiveness. You have hurt your loved ones and mending broken relationships is part of your healing.


Your loved ones may not be willing to forgive you right away which is normal.


However, they should be open to forgive and to heal relationships as well.

  • Relapsing. Many people who have undergone rehab will experience a relapse.


Your loved one must hopefully learn to understand that the occurrence of relapse can be a part of your recovery.



Options for Rehab Churchdown

Abbeycare rehab Churchdown is a leading provider of drug and alcohol treatment in Churchdown and the whole of the UK rehab locations for the following reasons.

  • We emulate real-life experiences for our clients in a controlled environment for them to understand the life in store for them after rehab.

We have a clinical team composed of licensed healthcare workers with extensive knowledge and experience in addiction treatment.

  • Our residential rehab programme provides a safe, secure, and supportive home environment for all our clients.

We incorporate family healing activities in our rehab programme

  • We help people in recovery to get in touch with their environmental surroundings and appreciate life without drugs or alcohol.

We provide each client with special attention by giving a personalised treatment plan custom fit to your specific needs.

The decision for change can happen anytime to a person, that’s why we make our admissions specialists open 24 hours a day to anyone in need.

For more information about Abbeycare rehab Clinic in Churchdown, contact us at 01603 513 091 today.



  • What is day treatment?

Day treatment is an intensive outpatient rehab programme specially designed for those who do not need medical detox or continuous inpatient care for their addiction problem.

A client under day treatment spends at least 8 hours during the day at the rehab clinic to receive counselling, therapies, relapse prevention planning, and recreational activities, among others.


  • Should your child be aware that addiction runs in your family?

Yes. Children are at most risk of developing an addiction if addiction runs in your family.

They must be educated about the risks of addiction to prevent them from developing the disease.


  • How long does an intervention last?

An intervention is a process that involves family and friends of a potential rehab client to motivate them into entering rehab to be free from alcohol or drugs.

This process usually lasts from 30 to 90 minutes.

However, there is no prescribed time period for how long it lasts as long as it successfully helps a person to change.


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