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If you’re looking for an effective way to detox and recover from drug or alcohol addiction in Chippenham, Abbeycare offers a comprehensive, supervised drug and alcohol rehab programme that will help you through your drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a serious problem. You can be addicted to alcohol, drugs, or both, and the only way to find help is through addiction treatment at rehab Chippenham.

We would like to take this important step of addiction treatment with you. Talk to us direct on 01603 513 091.

At Abbeycare drug and alcohol rehab, we have designed a programme that will take you step-by-step through the whole process. We offer:

NHS drug and alcohol treatment versus private drug addiction treatment

NHS rehab or addiction treatment is free (1). However, compared to private drug and alcohol rehab centres, there are some undesirable points about public alcohol rehab treatments.

These include:

  • The waiting list is long (usually 18 )months+ for rehab
  • There is no guarantee you will be accepted for detox.
  • You will not have a choice of treatment centres.
  • Your therapist options are limited to those chosen by NHS
  • You will be attending different rehab clinics, not just one for your treatment.
  • Usually, outpatient care is easier to obtain than inpatient care.

In comparison, private rehab clinics do not put you on a waiting list, and rehabilitation treatment options are more comprehensive and specialised for addiction.

Abbeycare alcohol rehab in Chippenham offers primarily residential rehab with mental health assessment, cognitive behavioural therapy, and personalized treatment programs.

Drug addiction treatment

With drug addiction treatment, you want the best. Personalised treatment programmes at our drug and alcohol residential rehab is a little costly but it is well worth the cost.

Any drug rehab will be challenging especially if you also suffer from other issues such as mental health disorders, blood pressure concerns, and are heavily addicted to excessive drinking.

We don’t come to play. Our goal is that mental health, at the end of alcohol rehab Chippenham is restored, because some mental health disorders are caused by addiction.

We provide support, because when left untreated, the highly addictive alcohol can lead to some patients demise.

So, talk to us today – on 01603 513 091.

What to look for in a recovery programme

The National Institute on Drug Abuse

According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), an effective drug and alcohol rehab treatment programme should be comprehensive, and cover a broad range of topics (2).

These include:

  • Assessment and evaluation of addictions.
  • Evidence-based treatment for addictions.
  • Substance use monitoring
  • Clinical and case management
  • Recovery and support programs for addiction treatment.
  • Continuing care
  • Mental health issues.
  • Certified medical professionals.
  • Group therapy for addiction treatment.
  • Intense Addiction treatments.
  • Dual diagnosis.

NIDA also states that, “the best treatment programmes for addiction should provide a combination of therapies and other services that meet the needs of the individual patient”.

At the end of the day, all treatments of the patients should be geared towards their recovery needs.

Addiction should be assessed individually, and the treatments should be be administered universally. This is because addiction is very personal.

Residential treatment rehab programmes such as the Abbeycare addiction centre, provides very effective and secure treatment, especially if your case is a serious one. We also treat dual diagnosis for all of our patients.


When you undergo detoxification, alcohol rehabs should ensure that you attend rehab at a residential clinic. Our rehab near Chippenham is one such clinic.

This is because an addiction residential treatment programme is able to understand the rehab process clearly and help you through the severe withdrawal symptoms.

A licensed residential treatment facility with services available 24/7 and at a moment’s notice will be able to catch medical emergencies and complications. Most rehab facilities under Abbeycare including rehab near Chippenham provides this kind of support.

In our rehabilitation centre we firmly believe that to make progress quicker with addictions in drug or alcohol recovery, you must commit to the full programme. Dual diagnosis is also taken seriously.

It is an in-depth course into a new way of living, an immersion into a new lifestyle with an aim of overcoming your addiction.

Taking on new challenges always feels better if you have support. You must also ensure that you detox safely at our Abbeycare addiction rehab in Chippenham.

We will give you the best kind of support—professional, reliable and understanding.

Why do you need mental health?

Because going through drug and alcohol rehab can mess with your mind. This is a time in your life where you feel almost helpless. Drugs and alcohol have almost certainly destroyed your life, and the first step – detox is pretty challenging.

You need to be in the right frame of mind to successfully complete your alcohol and drug rehab treatment, or else, you will give up before you are done.

Our addiction and alcohol rehab Chippenham for Abbeycare, has a smooth admissions process that includes assessing your mental health status.

What happens after you call us?

Once you call our alcohol rehab in Chippenham on on 01603 513 091, you will effectively start a smooth journey towards sobriety. We shall start by interviewing you over the phone, in order to understand your addiction issues, and then we will invite you to view our rehab facilities.

Unlike other websites that give you a number to call, when you ring us, you are talking to a member of our admissions team.

We will gladly answer any questions about pricing and services, about your plans and your thoughts on rehab.

If you agree to proceed, you should be on the way to rehab in 24 to 48 hours after the call.

Abbeycare Gloucester is close to Chippenham, so it should not take long before you begin your recovery process.

We’ll give you ample time to settle in your room first, before we commence medical checks and detox.

Withdrawal symptoms will happen during detox, and this time is generally the physically toughest part of rehab.

But after a week or so, you will be feeling better enough to join more of the activities planned daily.

A typical day in rehab consists of two to three sessions. That can be group sessions or one-on-one sessions.

During the last week in rehab, we will collaborate on a rehab aftercare plan.

We want you to succeed, to beat alcohol and/or drug abuse.

To do this, we have to plan for the changes that will happen in your life now that you have decided to take charge of it.

Rehab aftercare

After rehab, we continue to support you by providing:

  • Links to Mutual Support Groups
  • How to get help online and offline
  • How to deal with cravings
  • A plan to follow when you are triggered
  • Dealing with minor set-backs


How does detox work?

Generally, there are three stages of drug detox or rehab, during the first stage (within 8 hours), expect to have difficulty sleeping, headaches, and stomach upsets. During the second stage (three days to a week after you stop using alcohol or drugs), the symptoms you experienced in the first stage will lessen, and during stage three (a week after withdrawal) you can start to feel better.

Detox goes through these three stages because the body is gradually getting rid of the toxic substances you got used to or depended on.

The brain’s chemistry is changed by long-term usage of substances such as cocaine and diazepam (Valium).

Because your brain adjusted its system while you were using, it has to readjust now to the absence of the substances.

The good news is that for most people, the withdrawal symptoms ease up after a week.

It is best to be around medical support staff when you are in detox, like any professional rehab centre, they can anticipate your needs and watch out for warning signs that require attention.

How can I proceed with detox without health insurance?

If you are not privately insured, then you can pay for the treatment with credit/debit card. Please ring us direct and we can discuss your payment options.

What are the benefits of alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox essentially gets rid of toxins and other harmful substances from your body and blood. This is a long and painful process that must be done under the supervision of a medical professional. You must ensure that you have a certified rehab facility to help you with this process.

A lot of people suffer insomnia after detoxing from alcohol.

But within a month or so, many people report an improvement in the quality of sleep.

It’s easier to fall asleep, they sleep uninterrupted, and sleep more. Another benefit of detoxing from alcohol is having better skin.

Obviously, if you are convalescing from a liver problem and/or a heart condition due to alcohol consumption, you will hasten your body’s recovery.

What medicines are used for detox?

This depends. Every client is assessed for the their individual detox needs. Generally, a medication from the diazepine family is used on a sliding scale, to prevent risk of seizure, and minimise withdrawal symptoms.

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment or rehab near Chippenham, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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