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Addiction Help in Chepstow

The addiction problem in Chepstow is rampant and exposed.

Drug taking in some areas is openly done in broad daylight and public places.

There is also a growing appetite for harder drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

Indeed, the drug problem has reached menacing levels.

As growth of the problem increases, residents in Chepstow are beginning to feel at risk in this drug subculture.

If you or someone you know is suffering an addiction crisis in Chepstow, you can call Abbeycare Clinic on  01603 513 091 to get help.

Addiction is Hard to Quit

Drug and alcohol addiction is hard to quit as it is considered a brain disease.

In affecting the brain, addiction affects the very seat of control that directs our actions and choices.

It is hard to quit because addiction distorts thinking, and compels you to keep on taking drugs or alcohol despite the harm it causes.

It also distorts your sense of pleasure and happiness.

Addiction equates the pleasure you experience with love and food, with the pleasure of taking drugs.

This makes continued substance abuse satisfying and makes quitting an unpleasant experience.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a multi-layered problem.

It affects the physical, mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual aspects of your being.

This makes it difficult to pinpoint and address a single root cause for addiction.

Thus, a far-reaching problem requires a holistic treatment solution that will heal every aspect of your being to effectively cure the disease.

Family Role in Addiction Recovery

As a prolonged and progressive disease, addiction cannot be fixed in an instant.

A person coming home from rehab is not finally cured of addiction.

Your family and friends need to face other challenges and problems that stemmed from addiction including:

  • Recovering from debt and other financial burdens
  • Finding stable employment or getting back to school
  • Fixing damaged relationships and lost trust
  • Restoring uncompleted health issues
  • Exposure prevention to circumstances or surroundings that involve drug or alcohol use

In lieu of which, the support of your family in the early days of recovery is critical.

Their unparalleled support will lay the groundwork for sustained recovery and sobriety.

Recovery as a Lifelong Commitment

Recovery is a lifelong commitment because it is a process that entails continual work.

It doesn’t happen magically.

It’s not an easy journey and may even require recurrent attempts.

Life after rehab is just the beginning of the long stage of recovery.

Staying sober entails practice and enduring commitment.

You need a complete change of lifestyle to avoid a relapse.

Just like our journey in life, it involves a continuing endeavour to find meaning and making life productive to successfully manage addiction.

Abbeycare Clinics Serving Chepstow

Quitting drugs can be challenging, but it can be done.

At Abbeycare, we offer a full range of care for addiction treatment for complete recovery and sober living.

Our residential addiction rehab programme provides a high rate of successful recovery.

An individualised treatment plan is prepared for every residential client after conducting an extensive evaluation.

This customised treatment takes into consideration unique needs, goals, and cases of dual diagnosis.

The programme starts off with a professionally-managed detox procedure in which continuing care and 24-7 monitoring are provided by our on-site clinical staff and addiction specialist workers.

You will live comfortably in high-quality accommodation and facilities for the duration of your rehab.

You will learn how to live life sober in a caring and supportive community environment with the help of addiction experts and others living a life of recovery.

You will have one on one sessions with an individually assigned keyworker to better understand your addiction and work towards conquering its root cause.

If you have further questions about our rehab program and facilities, please contact us for a no-obligation dialogue on  01603 513 091.

Admission Process

The admission process for rehab in the Abbeycare Clinic is swift and efficient.

It involves a series of stages that typically begins with a no-commitment call with our addiction experts.

Here are the admission steps in our addiction treatment program:

Intake. The intake phase involves basic information gathering about a potential client by our addiction experts.

This includes basic personal information such as birthdates, age, gender, employment, income, family background, and other pertinent data.

Assessment and Screening. This phase involves an initial assessment from our addiction experts to establish the degree of a person’s substance abuse problem and evaluate other health conditions that may require other specialised treatment measures.

The purpose of the assessment is to rule out people who may not qualify for rehab such as those suffering from severe liver problems that entail hospitalisation instead of rehab.

The assessment can be performed via phone interview and can last for 20 minutes.

Evaluation. The evaluation stage is performed to clients who will be potentially admitted for rehab.

It involves a more comprehensive diagnosis of a person’s level of addiction.

During this evaluation, a clinical expert will get more detailed information about a client’s history of substance abuse such as the frequency, quantity, and types of drug you use.

The addiction expert will also discuss other impact and aspect of your addiction including legal problems that you could be facing.

Personalised Treatment Plan. After a complete evaluation is performed, the admission team composed of clinicians, and other addiction experts, will craft a customised treatment plan for the client.

The treatment plan will be based on established strengths and personal objectives of the client.

It is designed to address the unique needs and circumstances of a client.

Call Abbeycare Clinic for a free assessment on  01603 513 091.


  • Why is further treatment required after detox?

The detox only cleanses your body from toxic drugs and alcohol.

Further treatment after detox is important to determine the root cause of your addiction.

Further treatment also includes behavioural transformation and the development of coping strategies for curbing substance use and abuse through the 12 step program, CBT and counselling.


  • Will addiction treatment guarantee lifelong sobriety?
    No. A patient can complete (e.g.) weight loss surgery as a primary care intervention, yet this does not guarantee that (s)he will not gain weight again. It is the actions and behaviours of the patient, long after initial intervention completes, that will determine the long term outcome.

In the same way, addiction rehab treatment is a primary care means of intervening at the point of crisis, and offering a structured foundation toward long term recovery.

Our team will provide you with a strong foundation, and all the supports you could need in the future. However, following through on these supports, remains your responsibility, to ensure future sobriety.


  • Why do you need to to be assessed for addiction treatment and rehabilitation?

Assessment is needed to correctly decide if you, as an individual need rehab or a hospital for treatment.

The functional deficits that you experience due to addiction should be effectively addressed by rehabilitation techniques.

If your suffer from any health issues like severe liver problems, kidney failure, or AIDs, among ohters, you may need medical attention in a hospital setting and not a rehab clinic.

The assessment process is designed for your safety, and will make a clear distinction between those who are/aer not suitable for a residential treatment stay.

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