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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinic Carmarthen

Recognising your problem and deciding to change is the first and toughest step towards recovery.

Change is difficult because it’s easy to overestimate the temporary comfort gained from drugs or alcohol.

Meanwhile, it’s also easy to underestimate the value of what we can gain in quitting…. which is a new and better life.

Committing to sobriety means dramatic changes in how we live – ongoing abstinence is not a one-off, but a lifestyle choice.

But the long term payoffs far outweigh to short term pain involved in facing up to, and overcoming addiction.

Abbeycare Clinics Serving Carmarthen

Abbeycare Clinic is a world-class rehabilitation and therapeutic rehab centre that provides genuine and holistic care to those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and their families.

We are one of the most trusted rehabilitation clinics in the UK that provide confidential alcohol and drug treatment.

Our programme consists of a complete treatment plan including a professionally supervised detox, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), 12-steps program, group support, holistic and alternative treatments, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning for a lasting life of recovery.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Our rehabilitation plan offers a complete treatment programme for the full recovery of our clients.

It combines physical detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, support groups and aftercare planning.

The professionally supervised drug and alcohol detox is blended with alternative wellbeing services to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a one on one session to determine the link between one’s psychological conditions with addiction.

It aims to change a person’s attitude towards drugs and alcohol to change bad habits.

Motivational therapy is integral in treatment because clients require continuous inspiration to prevent them from getting drained and maintain their drive to reach their goal.

Clients also receive support from other individuals within our therapeutic community to promote accountability and promote better understanding and indoctrination.

Healthy Eating Assists In Addiction Recovery

People suffering from addiction are almost always suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

Good food and proper nourishment is thus a crucial part of the treatment programmes offered at Abbeycare.

We seriously hold the widely acknowledged fact that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

We also believe that you are what you eat.

You become a healthy person overall if you eat healthy food.

12-Step Programme

The 12-step programme for recovery stemmed from the belief that addiction is more than just a physical concern.

It is also a psychological, spiritual and mental issue.

This model incorporates a holistic approach to treating addiction which addresses the mind and spirit in ways that physical treatment could not achieve.

The therapy primarily involves a group interaction among people who share the same addiction problems.

As participants go through the steps from admitting one’s inability to control addiction to helping others recover from addiction, they also receive mutual support from their colleagues.

Holistic Therapies To Treat Addiction

Human beings are more than just their physical bodies.

We are comprised of body, mind, and spirit, which are closely connected.

Our physical body is commanded by the mind and enlivened by the spirit.

Thus, any problem that affects any aspect of our being affects every aspect of our lives.

A holistic approach to well-being aims to treat every aspect of your being.

In Abbeycare, you’ll experience a range of holistic therapies so that you can decide which ones are most appropriate for you to continue in your recovery, after leaving the clinic. Our holistic care includes reflexology, massage, Reiki and other alternative healing methods. It’s perfectly normal to feel uncertain about giving up bad habits.

However, keep in mind the problems these habits are causing in life.

And quitting alcohol and drugs is a small price to pay to regain control of your life.

Call us on  01603 513 091 and start your journey to a better life.


  • How Do I Know If I Really Need Rehab?

You don’t have to wait to hit rock bottom before deciding to go into rehab.

You don’t have to wait to lose your job, breaking your family and friends, or almost dying from an overdose to realise that your addiction is bad enough.

The fact that you are noticing that drugs or alcohol is already getting in the way of your life means that you need to seek help.


Can I Complete Rehab Without Help?

No. Willpower to change yourself is important but not enough.

Defeating drug or alcohol addiction is not as simple as giving up cigarettes.

You need professional assistance from healthcare workers, counsellors and addiction experts to truly change.

Initially, detoxing without professional assistance can result in fatal consequences.

You’ll need an independent and professional counsellor to help you determine the root cause of your addiction.

Seeking professional help and getting into rehab has a higher success rate in beating addiction than quitting on your own.


Should I go to a rehab programme that is close or far away from home?

It doesn’t really matter how far away or close a rehab centre from your home.

What’s more important is that you are completely removed from your previous surroundings to focus on treatment and that you receive adequate support and the needed amenities for your rehab.

However, being far away from home has the advantage of averting the temptation to quit rehab and go home.

The change in the environment also gives you the added sense of going somewhere to find yourself and starting anew on your own.

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