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Treating Drug Addiction in Caerphilly

Substance abuse is devastating to its victims and the whole community in Caerphilly.

It is a complex issue that had been associated with criminality, poverty, destitution, family disintegration, and death.

Suppose you have someone you love addicted to drugs, here are tips to deal with the situation.

Before you talk to your loved one about rehab treatment options, you need to approach them about the problem.

You need to confront your loved one in a reasonable manner that avoids quarrel.

Be prepared for some resistance, which is their normal defensive reaction.

Be brave in facing any uncertainty during the encounter.

Embrace their reaction with compassion and empathy and let them think about getting professional help.

Abbeycare Rehab Clinic in Caerphilly offers customised treatment therapy to best match the specific needs of each client.

Addiction Stigma

Common negative perceptions associated with addiction can damage a person’s self-esteem, impair relationships, and inhibit some people from seeking treatment.

Addiction is indeed a bad habit.

But addiction does not make anyone an evil person.

Addiction is a disease that can victimise everyone.

It does not stem from a lack of moral compass.

Moreover,  addiction does not define someone’s entire life.

There is more to every person beyond one’s addiction.

Don’t let negative stigma confound facts.

If addiction stigma is getting the best of you, call Abbeycare in Caerphilly at  01603 513 091.

Meditation for Rehabilitation

Meditation is an integral component of any comprehensive rehab treatment plan for addiction.

It is a vital activity that you should perform to examine yourself and enhance clarity and focus.

If done regularly, mediation can help reprogramme your brain’s circuits, to change your thinking pattern and outlook in life.

Meditation is an ancient practice that is as old as mankind itself.

It can help you relax from stress and chaotic thinking by interrupting negative thought patterns.

It can pacify your emotions by helping you process painful feelings.

It aids in facilitating restful sleep.

It helps you to physically relax by reducing muscle tension

It helps a person connect one’s body, mind, and soul.

Abbeycare Rehab Clinic in Caerphilly actively promotes meditation and self-introspection of its clients through group activities and individual initiatives in its mediation-conductive atmosphere and community.

Things to look for in a treatment facility

When looking for the right rehab treatment centre to help you with addiction, here are a few tips about what you should look for in a quality service.

Personnel qualifications. The quality of rehab service primarily rests on the qualifications of the professional health workers that provide its service. The staff must possess the relevant education, certification, and experience that ensure their expertise.

Psychiatric and medical care. The treatment of addiction entails integrated psychiatric and medical attention of the clients to fully address the scope and depth of the addiction problem.

Individualised treatment plans. No two addictions are the same. Each addiction case is different. Each client is unique. Treatment plans should be customised to fit the specific needs and circumstances of every patient.

Family involvement. Addiction is not just an individual struggle. It is almost always a family problem that affects the lives of spouses, siblings, parents, children, and any other person related to its primary victim. Thus, treatment should include the healing of the other family members who are equally affected by the addiction of a loved one.

Location. Location not only considers accessibility. It also must consider balancing your need to be away from your old life and remain close to home for a visit from family or friends.

Call Abbeycare 01603 513 091 the best available addiction treatment clinic serving Caerphilly.

Customised Addiction Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery.

In Abbeycare Clinic, we create an individualised rehab treatment plan for every client.

We believe that no two addictions are the same because no two persons are the same.

We create a personalised rehab programme based on a client’s addiction problem to fit and address the client’s special needs.

The rehab programme also leverages on a client’s distinctive strengths and strong assets.

We make sure that the rehab plan contains everything needed to achieve a successful recovery.

We aim more than just your long sobriety.

Our goal is for you to achieve a happy and fulfilled life free of addiction.

Promise of Recovery in Caerphilly

Abbeycare commits itself to your total recovery.

The completion of our inpatient rehab programme promises to provide you with a rock-solid foundation for your enduring sobriety.

As long as you adhere faithfully to our rehab programme in Caerphilly , you will be treated with your addiction and will remain sober.

This is our promise to you.

And it always seems impossible until it’s done.

Call us now on  01603 513 091 in Caerphilly to start the change for a better life.


  • What Is Drug Tolerance?

Drug tolerance refers to the reduced physical effect of a drug or prescription medication to a person because of repeated use.

Tolerance is not necessarily a symptom of addiction.

However, people suffering from addiction normally experience tolerance to drugs or alcohol that they use, which prompt them to consume drugs and alcohol in more quantities or higher dosage to reach its desired effect.

  • Can I get addicted to prescribed medications?

Yes, you can get addicted to prescribed medications because they are also drugs. Prescribed medications like opioids, morphine, codeine, and Vicodin similarly stimulate the reward systems in the brain that generate feelings of pleasure. This process serves as a positive reinforcement to carry on consuming the prescribed medications. In the long run, this can lead to dependence and addiction.

  • What factors affect addiction treatment costs?

Quality has its price.

The cost of the addiction treatment is affected by the qualifications of the healthcare workers of the rehab clinic, the quality of the facilities and amenities provided, the length of the treatment, the location of the treatment clinic and the financing options available such as private insurance coverage, government Medicare or crowdfunding schemes.

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