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The drug and alcohol addiction crisis plaguing the UK is felt in the historic market town of Bridgwater in Somerset. This has necessitated a need to find help today. (1)

Local public health officials have noted the increase of young people suffering from substance abuse especially crack cocaine, opiates like heroin, amphetamines, ecstasy, or cannabis.

These drugs are sold online in pocket money prices, which make them affordable and easily accessible in most common forms to the youth.

It would be a distressing experience to tell a family member of loved one that you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Battling drug and alcohol addiction

Battling drug addiction is not going to be easy-going. The rehab process is also a long one, and starting a recovery journey will require plenty of discipline.

It will cause a strain on your whole family and loved ones especially because addiction treatment will take you away to an inpatient detoxification rehab facility and will require you to develop healthy coping mechanisms to prescription drugs, drug and alcohol and other forms of issues you may have.

Because alcohol and drug addiction has a negative impact on you and your family, some people will support you and some will condemn you.

However, do not despair because there is still a better life and a better world that lies ahead, especially after a stint at a residential rehab Bridgwater.

Abbeycare UK rehab clinic in Bridgwater

Abbeycare UK rehab clinic in Bridgwater is here for you to make things happen. We have medical professionals ready to provide you with the best care, which includes;

  • Guidance through the detoxification process
  • Professional intervention.
  • An in-depth initial assessment
  • Assessing mental health issues.
  • Art Therapy.
  • A variety of treatment option.
  • Diagnosis of all underlying issues,
  • Confidential help.

We have the comprehensive rehabilitation treatment programme available near you that can help. Call Abbeycare now on 01603 513 091 and be part of our success story.

Get help today with your alcohol addiction

Addiction treatment requires the best. Abbeycare rehab in Bridgwater offers residential treatment and world-class care which includes group therapy, alcohol services, individual therapy, long term recovery, and excellent top-quality rehabilitation.

Our treatment centre is qualified by the care quality commission to offer alcoholism services in Weston Super Mare. With out treatment center, the therapies for substance abuse and other services will certainly help you achieve a life of sobriety.

Start with detox

We shall start you off with detox and also take care of all underlying causes for your alcohol and drug addiction.

Beating substance abuse is not easy, and a detox treatment during drug and alcohol rehab is the first step towards this. Drug and alcohol treatment at Abbeycare drub and alcohol rehab centre is individualized so you receive the best addiction treatment there is.

When it comes to addiction treatment, we do not come to play. Drug rehab is a process that requires understanding, love and commitment.

At Abbeycare drug rehab facility we will be with you every step of the way. We shall hold your hand and ensure that in the end you come out victorious.

For the rehab process to be successful, significant behavioural changes are needed whilst in treatment. The recovery success rates depend entirely on the individual’s willingness for change and commitment to those changes long-term.

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Bridgwater such as Abbeycare, provides a bespoke treatment programme and a comprehensive screening process.

The treatment plan is tailored to fulfill the requirements of the individual, during the drug and alcohol rehab and our process is regularly monitored throughout the programme.

How does rehab work?

Well, this is a long process. Remember that your journey to abusing drugs was a long one, so you have to give our UK rehab facilities time to care for you. Rehab works through a tailored addiction treatment rehab programme and a commitment from you.

Addiction treatment has two main options; residential rehab and outpatient rehab in group basis. The treatment centre should provide excellent services for alcoholism, and detox.

Your physical well-being, during detox is also extremely important, and any person that goes through detox should be able to receive advice on how to live a life that is free from alcohol and drugs.

Addiction treatment advice

When it comes to addiction treatment advice, it should cover patients that suffer from a variety of cognitive as well as physical problems.

When you start the enquiries, ensure that physical therapy programmes are available so you can also receive help together with your family members and also receive a variety of treatment options.

When you begin making enquiries, ask about the different therapy programmes offered at Abbeycare Clinics.

A good rehab should have several therapeutic models to help those dealing with psychological issues. If mental health conditions are present in the individual, it would be beneficial to ask the centre if they specialize in dual-diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis

Dual-diagnosis is the presence of addiction and mental health conditions, which often requires a more specialized treatment plan to treat both.

A good rehab centre therefore, should be licensed to treat both addiction and mental health disorders – with the expertise to treat substance disorders without hindering on the state of any existing mental health problems (such as bipolar or depression).

Where dual diagnosis is concerned, several factors must be taken into consideration for the individuals well-being – such as the ongoing use of existing psychiatric medication as well as therapy undergone prior to rehabilitation.

Addiction treatment admission criteria

Before entering any professional rehab programme, you need to undergo an assessment before you get admitted.

Rehab centres cannot force you to undergo rehab even if the whole family wants you to enter rehab ASAP.

Here are the basic criteria for admission into an addiction treatment programme:

  • You must voluntarily enter rehab and be willing to participate in the treatment process.
  • You must at least be 18 years old.
  • You must not have any health ailments such as chronic liver problems, kidney damage, AIDs, etc. that need priority treatment in a medical facility, to ensure your capability to participate in rehab treatment.
  • You must not be suicidal or homicidal.

Our trained admission staff will help determine if you are eligible for rehab treatment.

Call Abbeycare now on 01603 513 091 for a free assessment so we can get your journey to recovery started.

How to deal with questions about going to rehab?

How you choose to deal with these questions can depend on factors like, at what stage are you in recovery, your relations to the person asking, your overall experience about rehab, and even your current mood.

Getting into rehab can be a deeply personal experience.

It is an experience that people will most likely ask about you.

Typical questions include: how did you end up in rehab; when did you start taking drugs; what substances you took; what’s the hardest part; and how long have you been sober, among many others.

There is no single correct way to deal with such questions.

You can be frank and friendly by completely sharing your personal experiences.

You can choose to be discreet or reserved by avoiding answering or by changing the subject.

You can also walk away.

However, if you have reached full recovery and healing in life, it would be worthwhile to responsively share your experience to others especially those in need.

The 12th step in the 12 step programme essentially encourages people to carry the message of hope, recovery, and change to others.

Sharing can productively contribute to your own healing as it reinforces your recovery and substantiates the principles you have learned.

Call Abbeycare now on 01603 513 091 and learn how to pass on the gifts of faith, hope, and love.

Why addiction habits are hard to break

Once addiction sets in, it is almost impossible to walk out of it on your own.

What started as a harmless pastime or a genuine cure for chronic pain has gradually ended up owning and controlling your life.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a bad habit to break.

The difficulty stems from the fact that addiction is a brain disease.

Repeated use of drug or alcohol substances alters the reward functions of your brain.

Your brain will associate drugs and alcohol with pleasure and the absence of drugs and alcohol with pain.

This is compounded by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that you will experience when your body is deprived of drugs or alcohol.

You also lose good judgment becomes it becomes harder to think rationally.

This makes it quicker for you to compulsively yield to drug or alcohol cravings without much ado.

The only thing that matters is your next high, which becomes progressively demanding.

The only way for you to break an addiction is by getting professional help.

Free yourself from your suffering by calling Abbeycare now on 01603 513 091.

Residential Rehab in Bridgwater

An inpatient rehab programme is the most effective approach for enduring treatment and recovery.

You may be required to momentarily be apart from your family, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay for a healthier and better you.

Inpatient or residential rehab has the following key benefits:

The structured programme gets you so preoccupied you will have no time to think or give in to cravings.

You will be provided with 24-Hour monitoring and care especially when undergoing a clinically supervised detox.

You will have no access to drugs or alcohol making relapse impossible.

You will be shielded from negative stressors and outside pressures that trigger substance use.

You will be surrounded by a community and company that fully support your healing and recovery.

You will be provided with an aftercare plan which includes an extensive guide, schedule, programme, and tools for your transition to society and lifelong sobriety.

You are not alone in your addiction.

Millions of people are undergoing the same suffering.

Begin your recovery now at Abbeycare Clinic by calling 01603 513 091.

Addiction rehab serving Bridgwater

Your road to recovery with Abbeycare will be an intensely awakening experience.

Our inpatient therapy is sure to cure you of your addiction.

Our effective treatment also provides a greater chance for you to stay sober

Abbeycare’s inpatient treatment is based on the 12-step approach that will require you to submit to a secular higher power.

It is combined with evidence-based treatment modalities as follows:

  • Clinically supervised detox
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Holistic therapies for mind body and spiritual healing
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Personal transformation
  • Aftercare planning

We aim to deliver effective and long-lasting treatment for your addiction.

Once you enter Abbeycare, we intend to rehabilitate you for good.

Call us now at 01603 513 091 because your life was created to be victorious.


Will I be able to keep a hospital or court appointments?

Yes. We will try to arrange for the postponement of your pending hospital or court appointments before your admission.

If that is not possible, you may be allowed to attend said appointments in the company of a family or friend while on rehab.

 What is the average day in rehab like?

A typical day will be made up of at least one group counselling session or one to one counselling, a workshop therapy, assignments from your therapist, fun social activities, opportunities for exercise, and free time for self-meditation.

Is there any outside space in Abbeycare?

Yes, all Abbeycare clinics have large pleasant grounds for greeneries where you can relax, meditate, connect with nature, or simply enjoy life with your peers and families.


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