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Addiction Treatment in Rehab Bradley Stoke

Addiction affects everyone.

With many people struggling with addiction, each of us needs to be aware of the effects of substance abuse on family and society.

In the town of Bradley Stoke which enjoys a low crime rate on the north side of Bristol, the most commonly reported crimes are related to substance abuse.

Anti-social behaviour, violence, sexual offenses, and theft are associated with drugs or alcohol – because substance abuse decreases the reticence to commit these misconducts.

The number of people with addiction issues locally has recently increased.

Most of them are seeking rehab after lockdown restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic, which has also cut down the availability of drugs.

Abbeycare Clinic is one of the rehab institutions that provide help to people seeking hope and change in Bradley Stoke.

It is your go-to clinic in protecting yourself or your loved one from the damaging social, financial, and health effects of substance abuse.


Professional Detox and Rehab in Bradley Stoke

Detox is the process of removing the addictive and toxic substances from your body.

It must be properly managed by professional healthcare experts because it may involve unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Proper supervision of the detox procedure can ensure your safety and comfort throughout the withdrawal period.

At Abbeycare rehab Bradley Stoke, we provide a professionally-managed detox.

We provide treatment to those coming to us from various UK towns and cities.

You will first be assessed to determine if you are at risk with certain withdrawal risks or complications.

The method of detox and care will depend on your specific substance addiction.

You will also be provided with the necessary pharma – therapeutic regimen for your specific substance addiction to mitigate and eliminate identified risks.

You will also benefit from 24-7 monitoring and care.

You don’t need to fear withdrawal.

We will be with you all the way.

Remember that addiction is a lot more terrifying than withdrawal symptoms.

Call us at 01603 513 091 and let our admission counsellors guide and address all of your fears.

Factors to consider for a residential treatment in Rehab Bradley Stoke

When looking for residential treatment, here are factors to consider in evaluating if an inpatient facility best fits you.

Types of addictions treated. There are different substance and behavioural types of addiction that require different detox procedures, counselling approaches, and different types of help.

Your choice of rehab should have the professional expertise and capability to meet and handle the type of addiction that you or your loved one has.

Target or Specialisation. People are different and have different needs.

You should check if the residential rehab centre caters only to a specific group of individuals e.g. Women, teens, LGBTQ or high-level executives, etc.

Accommodations. In-patient rehab, you will be required to stay in the rehab facility for at least 28 days.

It is therefore important to check accommodations e.g. bedrooms, living room, toilet, kitchen, and surroundings, to make sure that you will be comfortable.

Types of treatments. There are different types of addiction treatment therapies like CBT and DBT, group and individual counselling, holistic and alternative therapies, etc.

You need to check if the type of therapy a clinic offers suits your needs especially if you are suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Cost. Cost is always a major factor in any plan.

You need to check if the programme costs are within your budget or insurance.

Factors that affect an inpatient rehab include location, amenities, and duration of the programme.

Call Abbeycare rehab Bradley Stoke at 01603 513 091 to check out all these considerations.


Re-joining society after rehab

Rehab can help you beat your physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol.

However, the battle does not end there.

Re-joining society and staying clean and sober is an on-going challenge.

Fortunately, here are some standard practices that you can adapt to transition back to society after having gone to rehab.

Maintain a positive mindset. Everything starts with the mind.

If you think you can do it and live happily staying sober, then you can actually stay sober and be happy for the rest of your life.

Planning for success. Abbeycare rehab Bradley Stoke will provide you with an aftercare plan before leaving rehab.

The plan contains a practical and realistic schedule and activities that you simply need to observe and follow to maintain sobriety.

You can live a lifetime of sobriety simply by sticking to an aftercare plan.

Healing and building relationships. Your social support network plays a central role in your sobriety.

Life after rehab is an opportunity to heal broken relationships and build new relations to develop the social network you need to successfully live and thrive in your new lease of life.

If you ready to kick out your addiction habit, call us at 01603 513 091 to speak with an admissions counsellor.


Family transitions during rehab

The hard work for everyone starts when you or you are loved to agree to enter rehab.

A strong support system is especially needed during and after rehab for a successful recovery.

This means that the whole family must chip in to build a system of love and support.

Family members must understand their role in the recovery process.

Everybody must be well-informed about the intricacies of addiction especially on how they can support the struggling member.

This is the reason family involvement and family-based activities are incorporated into the rehab programme.

These activities help deal with the influence of family dynamics on addiction.

In a similar token, communication is the key to these family programmes to facilitate understanding and support.

Call 01603 513 091 to learn about how Abbeycare rehab Bradley Stoke can implement meaningful changes in your family.

Southampton rehab treatment guide is available here.

Abbeycare serving Rehab Bradley Stoke

Abbeycare provides the most cost-effective and accessible addiction rehab in Bradley Stoke.

We have been the no. 1 choice for the following reasons.

State of the art facilities & modern accommodations. Our residential facility provides clients with a relaxed, safe, and happy environment that inspires healing and growth.

Accreditation & Licensing. Our staff and services are properly licensed and accredited by the UK government the highest standard for treatment of addiction disorder.

Communication with Family & Friends. We believe in the vital importance of family involvement for the successful and lifetime recovery of clients.

Post Treatment Support. We provide an aftercare plan for every client for continued recovery after rehab.

Client Success. We facilitate complete healing of the mind, body, and spirit to ensure a person’s success in life.

Customised & Appropriate Treatment. We modify our programme to fit the personal needs of each client.

Call 01603 513 091 to learn more about Abbeycare rehab Bradley Stoke Clinic.


Rehab Bradley Stoke FAQ

  • Why do people with addiction think they don’t have a problem?

People with addiction are expected to not feel that they have a problem because they are usually in denial of their addiction.

They are rarely honest about themselves or with their addiction, especially with loved ones.

  • What is the visiting schedule at Abbeycare?

The visiting schedule in Abbeycare rehab in Bradley Stoke is normally during weekends.

However, visiting hours can also be scheduled in relation to the programme activities that involve families.

  • Will staff members be available if I’m having a particularly hard day and need extra support?

Yes, you will be monitored and provided with proper care especially in the first few days during the detox stage.

Staff members are always predisposed to talk or provide you with any professional support during your recovery.


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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Bradley Stoke, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.



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