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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Banbury

Seeking rehab help for alcohol and drug addiction is a brave step forward.

At Abbeycare, we provide comprehensive coverage of alcohol and/or drug addiction problems. In our clinics, we offer:

  • Medically Assisted Alcohol and/or Drug Detoxification
  • Full-time In-patient care, serving Banbury
  • Rehab therapy based on the 12 Step Model
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • After Treatment Planning

Detox Explained

When your body and brain got used to using addictive substances, it became tolerant of its effects. People who are dependent on drugs do not feel normal and have problems doing everyday activities without using the addictive substance. Many addicts say they use drugs because the withdrawal effects are terrible.

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If detox is done alone, it usually fails. To have a higher chance of long term abstinence, a full program of rehab must follow detox.

The more times a person fails with detox alone, the higher the chance he or she will stay addicted. The most unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from drugs and/or alcohol are:

  • Migraine
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Without medical treatment or rehab, withdrawal symptoms can last longer than a month. Some people who go through detox unsupervised get Post Acute Withdrawal Symptom (PAWS). For alcohol addiction, the most dreaded condition is Delirium Tremens (referred to as the DTs).

In supervised detox, a patient assessed using standard laboratory tests to make sure that there are no contraindicating ailments. After the assessment, a list of medicines to be taken is made, and the proper dosage computed. Most commonly, the medicines used will be administered in a supervised manner.

Important: Medicines used in detox are not substitutes for drugs. They are not depressants or stimulants.

Average Time Spent in Withdrawal

The following is a general guideline for the amount of time withdrawal symptoms will present. The severity of your symptoms depends on how much you have been using the substance and for how long you have been taking it.

  • Alcohol – 3 to 14 days
  • Heroin or Prescription drugs – 4 to 10 days
  • Benzodiazepine (e.g. Valium, Xanax, Klonopin) – two to eight weeks or longer
  • Cocaine – up to ten weeks

Banbury – Public .v. Private Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol treatments from NHS are free for the public.

However, they may not be as effective as private rehab clinics because:

  • You have to go through a waiting period, typically 18 months or longer.
  • Some treatments may not be available near Banbury.
  • You may need to attend several centres for treatment instead of just one.
  • You may not be referred for the rehab treatment, even after a lengthy waiting period.
  • Treatment will usually be on an out-patient basis, with lower success rates, than residential rehab.
  • Your preferred therapist may not be available.


In private rehab clinics like Abbeycare:

  • After the initial call, you can be in rehab in a matter of 24-48 hours.
  • We offer a number of treatment programs to suit your needs.
  • You can choose the treatment approach that best appeals to you.
  • We serve Banbury & surrounding area
  • We have the staff to attend to your problems 24/7.

Treatment in private rehab clinics can be paid through insurance, depending on your coverage. In some cases, NHS can also a part of your fee. Please ring us direct and so we can discuss your payment options.

What Happens After You Call Us

Our dedicated admissions team answer your call and help you with any questions regarding your condition. Unlike referral services, your conversation will be with a member of our admissions team directly, and not third party contractor or agency.

Usually, the first call will give us an idea of what kind of help you need and how long you are expected to stay in the centre. If you like the sound of what we offer, you should be on the way to rehab shortly.

From Banbury, travel time to Abbeycare at The Hygrove is less than an hour.

Rehab – Structured Care

There are three major phases of in-patient rehab:

  • Detox
  • Rehab & Therapeutic care
  • Aftercare planning

In detox, we work towards stabilising your condition first, so you are strong enough to participate in the therapy sessions.

In phase two, treatment proper, we introduce you slowly to effective techniques that will keep you off alcohol and/or drugs for good.

In phase three, towards the end of your stay, we will deliberately devise an aftercare plan. We want you to be best equipped to handle the new challenges now that you’ve begun the recovery process.

We believe that the best approach in treatment includes not only detox but a structured in-patient experience. Introducing yourself to new way of living is best done with other people encouraging and supporting you.

Our community welcomes people from all walks of life. We honour your uniqueness as an individual and we know your struggle is a unique experience.

To serve you best, we will assign you a personal case manager who you can approach when the going gets tough.

Where to find addiction help near Evesham.


  • What happens when I stop drinking alcohol?

The first few hours of quitting alcohol, you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Most people have insomnia and feel very anxious.

Physically, they will feel ill.

Headaches, stomach upsets and a poor appetite are common problems.


  • What is the psychological dependence on drugs?
    • A compulsion to use the drug
    • Cravings
    • Loss of control over your own actions
    • Using the drug even if it will cause harm to yourself or others


  • Do you treat eating disorders or other addictions in rehab?

We primarily focus on treating alcohol and drug addiction. We have therapists well experienced with different types of addiction, but our focus is on substance addictions, not behavioural addiction like gambling or food addiction.

However, many times, addictions can occur together. In addition, some people can recover from drug addiction, but in the course of treatment, their addiction shifts towards another object (or behaviour).

Getting treatment for alcohol or drug addiction can help introduce a person to a new way of life.

With support, he or she will be able to address the more complex problem that is holding him or her back from full recovery.

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How To Book

To book addiction treatment near Banbury, call our admissions team direct on 01603 513 091, or request a callback, at a convenient time.


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