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People in need of alcohol rehab in Sunderland benefit from free and private addiction treatment options. Similar to other parts of the UK, the Metropolitan City of Sunderland records a prevalence of substance abuse. 

Reports show a significant increase in substance abuse-related deaths in North East England. This includes Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and Northumberland. [1]

If you are looking for a way to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, there are various treatment options available for you. 

Why do you need drug and alcohol rehab? 

Alcohol rehab is needed as beating the addiction is challenging to overcome on your own. Whereas people can safely manage their alcohol intake, most people find themselves battling addiction.

Drug and alcohol abuse is not a sign of moral weakness. Instead, this behavioural addiction is a consequence of drug and alcohol addiction on the brain. 

Frequent drug and alcohol consumption alters brain chemistry. The brain builds tolerance for the substance by limiting the performance of certain neurotransmitters.

In the long-run, drug and alcohol use results in mental health issues and negative effects on the physiological health of the brain. 

Most people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with mental health problems. Past trauma, stress, depression, or anxiety may lead an individual on a path to addiction.

Seeking rehab is essential as you care for the mental health problem and the addiction. Conversely, substance abuse may increase the occurrence of mental health problems.

That's why you need to find a rehabilitation facility that offers dual diagnosis immediately. 

When to seek addiction treatment 

You should seek addiction treatment immediately. Addiction treatment is vital when you realise that you cannot control your amount of drug or alcohol use.

Other factors to consider include: 

  • When you take the drugs or alcohol in secrecy 
  • When the drug and alcohol intake affect your performance at work. 
  • When drug and alcohol consumption lead to relationship conflicts. 
  • When you tried to taper off the drinking but failed. 
  • When you make excuses for drug and alcohol use. e.g., taking alcohol to relax or deal with stress. 
  • When drug and alcohol use make you distance yourself from loved ones. 

Drug and alcohol addiction significantly affects your physical and psychological health. Overcoming the effects of addiction on your own is not easy due to the withdrawal symptoms.

Seeking addiction treatments not only helps you overcome drug or alcohol consumption but also gives you the coping skills you need for maintaining long-term sobriety. 

Treatment options available for drug or alcohol addiction 

There are free and private treatment options for those looking for rehab in Sunderland.  

Private rehab 

Private residential rehab offers you the most intensive treatment long-term recovery. This option is highly recommended for those battling drug or alcohol addiction. 

You get a bespoke treatment programme with private rehab that consists of dual diagnosis and individualized treatment approaches. 

Free NHS services 

There are free addiction treatment options in Sunderland. Wear recovery Sunderland provides support for addiction recovery[2]. 

Young people aged 18 years and below can access addiction treatment and other specialist services through the  Sunderland's Youth Drug and Alcohol Project (YDAP) [3]. 

You can access free recovery services by talking to your GP or any other addiction specialist. In addition to this, you can find local support or learn more by checking out the NHS Choices website [4]. 

Other organizations that can offer support and advice include: 

  • Talk to Frank [5]. 
  • Dry January [6]. 
  • Balance North East [7]. 

What to expect for a drug or alcohol rehab programme? 

You can expect a personalised programme designed to help you achieve long-term recovery.

Those struggling with drug and alcohol consumption can choose whether they want outpatient, residential rehab (inpatient), or at-home detox. 

An outpatient programme gives you the flexibility of getting professional help while residing from home. This option is suitable for people with a mild addiction. Other factors are also considered when choosing outpatient. 

The issue with outpatient services is that you are still in your environment. This means that you face the temptation to take the substances, and your likelihood of relapse is high. 

Residential rehab provides you with an intense and highly structured addiction treatment programme. You get to reside in a conducive environment, away from the triggers. You also get 24/7 medical support. 

You will go through the services below during the rehab process. 

Medically assisted detox 

Detox is the first phase you go through in drug and alcohol rehab. This process aims at eliminating the physical and psychological consequences of either drugs or alcohol.

People searching for Sunderland medicine for addiction treatments will benefit from a medical detox service at a residential rehabilitation centre. A good centre will provide you with 24/7 supervision.

They will also administer medications to help you safely overcome the symptoms of withdrawal. 



A good drug and alcohol rehab will provide you with various therapies. Such therapies include: 

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) 

CBT is utilised in one-to-one sessions for achieving psychological treatment. This therapy helps the patient spot negative thoughts and influence their addiction. 

Family therapy 

Most drug or alcohol rehab centres include the addict's family in treatment. Family therapy helps family members identify their own needs and how a loved one's addiction has affected them. 

Dialectical therapy 

Similar to CBT, dialectical therapy helps addicts figure out how their thoughts and emotions contribute to alcohol or drug addiction. DBT helps patients improve their communication skills, self-image, and coping skills. 

Individual therapy 

Individual therapy helps the individual uncover the underlying factors contributing to the addiction. Everyone has their own experience with addiction.

Some people may be taking drugs or alcohol to cope with a traumatic experience in the past. Individual therapy helps understand the psychological factors fuelling the addiction. 

Holistic therapies 

Holistic therapies aim to improve the mind, body, and spirit. They include yoga, guided meditation, routine exercise, Art & music therapy. 

Group therapy 

The rehab process often entails group therapy for drug or alcohol treatment. The therapy sessions effectively provide support and motivation to individuals suffering from addiction.

Since the members share similar recovery goals, group therapy helps empower individuals and build a sense of self-worth. 

Aftercare services 

A good treatment centre will provide you with up to a year of aftercare services. This service helps you prevent a relapse once they complete treatment.

When making treatment enquiries, ensure that you ask the alcohol and drug rehab centre about their aftercare services. 

Discovering the rehab programmes available further south in Southampton.

Intervention services 

We provide family intervention services to motivate a family member to seek rehab. In most cases, people are in denial about their frequent use of drugs or alcohol. Confronting them about it may lead to conflicts. 

We provide treatment for a range of addictions and mental health issues.

Our professional interventionist will guide the family in communicating the health implications of addiction so that the addict can understand how rehab will benefit them. 

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Sunderland  

Those searching for Sunderland rehab services have a better chance at a sober future by opting for a private rehab facility.

Our rehab centres treat a variety of behavioural addictions that include sex, gambling, work addiction, eating disorders, and others.

Our rehab programmes are designed after a comprehensive assessment to determine your personal needs. What’s more, our drug and alcohol rehab centres are CQC registered. 

The CQC registration is mandatory in the UK. It provides a rating from 'inadequate' to 'outstanding.' Our treatment centre has a record for providing excellent services to patients in need of drug and alcohol rehab. 

It is paramount for you to find a rehab facility that promotes personalisation. The residential treatment gives you a chance to focus on long-term recovery.

Since you are away from your usual environment with its triggers, you get to focus on your drug or alcohol problem and complete treatment. 

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Our rehab clinics in/near Sunderland 

Our alcohol rehab in Sunderland provides you with an extensive treatment programme. Our medical experts are available 24/7 to support you.

We also provide you with a dual diagnosis to simultaneously treat the mental health issues co-occurring with substance abuse. 

We offer treatment for addictive behaviours, including illegal drugs abuse, drinking problems and other addictions. Our treatment centres focus on compassionate care and support to help you successfully complete treatment. 

We have a fast admissions process as you will be admitted within 24 hours. We provide you with a free assessment followed by a comprehensive detox process plus rehabilitation. 

If you are looking for a centre to help you achieve your goal towards full recovery, our rehab clinics in Sunderland are the best place to seek alcohol or drug addiction treatment. 

Addiction treatments support groups. 

AA meetings and NA meetings offer regular support groups to those seeking recovery from addictions. 

You can check out the following AA meetings. 

  • AA meetings Newcastle. Brunswick Methodist Church, Brunswick Place. NE1 7BJ. Thursday 1:30 pm. 
  • AA meetings Sunderland. Swan Lodge Salvation Army, 5-8 High St East, Hendon SR1 2AU. Saturday at 7.00 pm 
  • Sunderland St Gabriels Church, St Gabriels Avenue. Monday 7:30 pm. 

You can find an AA meeting in your location using the AA Find a meeting search bar [8]. 

Cost of treatment 

The cost of drug or alcohol rehabilitation varies depending on the type of facility, duration of treatment, plus other factors. Outpatient rehab and at-home detox are the most affordable options. However, these services are not advisable for patients struggling with moderate to severe drugs or alcohol use. The cost of a 30-day residential rehab is about £5000 – £10000. 

How long can a patient stay in rehab? 

There is no correct length of stay in rehab. However, it is agreed that the longer you stay in rehab, the higher your chances for long-term recovery.

Attending drug or alcohol rehabs for a 60 or 90-day programme is a positive step towards an addiction-free life. The most popular rehab programmes last 28 to 30 days. Some treatment providers give you a 14-day recovery programme. 

It's important to note that several factors determine your length of stay. Contact us today to speak to an expert and find out the most suitable rehab programme for you. 

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Residential services outside Sunderland 

A alcohol rehab in Sunderland provides care close to home. Some people may find it difficult to move away from their loved ones. Yet research shows that going to a rehab outside your home area boosts recovery.

You don't need to search for a 'drug rehab centre near me and settle for the nearest available rehab. Instead, you can consider relocating to a drug or alcohol rehab centre away from home.

This will allow you to relax and focus on a sober free life. 

Get help today 

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction may seem impossible. But with the right help, you can achieve recovery.

Our addiction rehab facilities provide you with an intensive and highly structured programme to tackle any mental health issues co-occurring with substance abuse. You can access our services in the North West or East of England. 

Those looking for a rehabilitation facility in Sunderland or its surrounding areas, such as an alcohol rehab Newcastle or anywhere across the UK, can reach out to us.

Similarly, if you are looking for help for a loved one you can contact us to learn more about our intervention services.  

Take the first step today to alcohol or drug-free life with our team of professionals. 

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