Plans to Target Adults in Crackdown on Under-Age Drinking

Adults who buy alcoholic beverages for under age drinkers are to be targeted in a crackdown announced by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. He said the measure wa aimed at: “helping the police effectively tackle those outdoor drinking dens where groups of youngsters are supplied with alcohol by one of their number who is over 18.” “Such situations frequently end with anti-social behaviour and encourage risk taking which can adversely blight many of the participant’s lives.” Mr MacAskill, speaking at the Alcohol Focus Scotland licensing conference in Aviemore, said in response to a request from the police he would introduce an amendment to the Alcohol Bill, making it an offence to supply alcohol to under age drinkers in public places.

Author: Dr Khan

Consultant, General and Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead, Abbeycare Scotland Dr Khan is Abbeycare Scotland’s clinical lead, and oversees the delivery of the medical and detox elements of the Abbeycare program at our Scottish clinic.

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