New Report In Call To Ban Alcohol Advertising In Ireland

Calls have been made for the Irish Government to fully back the findings of a new report into how to deal with the level of alcohol abuse in the country.

The ‘Report of the National Substance Misuse Strategy steering group’ has suggested a complete ban on all outdoor advertising of alcohol, including sponsorship for outdoor events such as concerts and sports.  This could be an end to some of the world’s most famous advertising icons, such as the memorable Guinness adverts. There is also a call for minimum pricing on alcohol, similar to what the Scottish Government are trying to achieve.

The 2010, the average consumption of alcohol for adults was equivalent to 482 pints of lager, 125 bottles of wine or 45 bottles of vodka – a shocking statistic and something that needs to be addressed.

However, there are some Irish Government Ministers that have raised concerns over the extent that the advertising and sponsorship restrictions would have on the industry, including taxation, so the implementation of the Report is nowhere near a done deal.

Denis Bradley of the National Advisory Committee on Drugs, who is on the Reports committee, told the Irish Times: “This report is not about stopping drinking. This is about reducing the amount of alcohol we consume which is outrageously high.”

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