New App Aims To Help Cut Alcohol Abuse

A new campaign to encourage people to cut their alcohol intake by using a smartphone app has been launched in a bid to tackle acohol abuse in Scotland.

The Scottish Government, which has launched the app called “The Drinking Time Machine” as part of its alcohol behaviour campaign, is using it as another tool to shock people in to cutting down their alcohol intake.

Nicola sturgeon said: “With Scots drinking more than any other part of the UK, this campaign aims to encourage adults in Scotland, particularly women, to recognise how much they are actually drinking and to help them make small changes to the way they drink, which can improve their health and well-being.”

The app aims to show how alcohol speeds up the aging process by giving users an anticipated view of themselves in ten years time before and after alcohol consumption.

Visit the iTunes store to download The Drinking Time Machine app.

If the app is too late to help you, why not contact Abbeycare Foundation about your alcohol intake to see how we can help you stop drinking and stay stopped.

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