More People Power to Decide Pub Opening Times

Pubs and clubs could been banned from late night opening because of the impact drunkenness and noise has on the wider community, under new powers for local residents. New venues may also be refused a licence altogether if local people believe there are too many premises and their neighbourhoods are being damaged, under plans to be unveiled. A Home Office consultation will also pave the way for applications to be rejected on “public health” grounds if health bodies can argue extra pubs could increase drunkenness and alcohol-related health issues such as extra pressure on hospital or ambulance services. The moves are part of a wide-ranging revamp of licensing laws to be announced by Theresa May, the Home Secretary which will spell the end of 24 hour drinking. Mrs May said: “The benefits promised by the 24 hour drinking ‘café culture’ have failed to materialise and in its place we have seen an increase in the number of alcohol related incidents and drink-fuelled crime and disorder. Source – Telegraph 28/07/2010.

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