Kids as Young as 10 Are Drinking and Using Drugs

Edinburgh Evening News reported (22/11/10) that over the course of the year a total of 26 children had been reported for drink and drug misuse. Among them were four 10 year olds, all of which were reported between April and March. The children were referred to the Children’s Reporter, full title The Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, a Scottish Government sponsored body that focusses on the needs of young and vulnerable children. Although the number is high, it is a reduction on the number of cases from last year, where a total of 53 children were identified, the youngest being 12 years old.

The Edinburgh Constabulary has put the drop down to new education incentives in schools and a focus on illegal sales of alcohol to minors. The Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, Dr Evelyn Gillian: “Parents, teachers, Police and local authorities all have a role to play to ensure that children are protected from the harm caused by alcohol”. “We should be giving children and young people a clear message that excessive drinking has more negative than positive consequences.” The manager of the East Region of the SCRA, Tom Philliben, said that the decline in numbers may be down to “pre-referral screenings”, where-by at risk children are identified at an even earlier stage. He added: “…there is still cause for concern when we are getting young children coming to the attention of the Reporter due to alcohol and drugs issues. Children referred in these circumstances are recognised to be at risk, and require intervention for their own care and protection.” The Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration website. Alcohol Focus Scotland. Return to Abbeycare News. Go Back 1 : Go Forward 1

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