Health Secretary to Reveal Minimum Alcohol Price

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has again said she will “name the price” of a minimum unit of alcohol next month. The SNP has used the figure of 40 pence per unit of alcohol as an illustration of how the minimum pricing mechanism could reduce consumption. Ms Sturgeon said ahead of a meeting on Wednesday with opposition parties to discuss Scotland’s drink problem: “Colleagues have asked that we publish the rate at which the minimum price will be set and I can confirm that I will announce that before Stage 2 of the Bill.” The ‘minimum price’ was part of the SNP’s Alcohol Bill, which was a blanket of schemes being proposed in order to combat Scotland’s apparent love affair with alcohol, and the social upheaval that it is encouraging. Initially the minimum price concept was rejected by the sitting government, but was still allowed to pass in oreder for the Bill to carry on. The government has already said that the Minimum price does not have the confidence of the House.

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