Health Boards ‘Should Have Licensing Powers Like Police’

Health Boards will be given powers to object to any drinks license under Government plans to enhance Scotland’s struggle against the damaging impact of alcohol related social problems.

Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, will make a keynote speech at the country’s leading conference on alcohol, and will spell out how the Government hopes to put emphasis behind Scotland’s licensing system’s aims to protect public health. Mr MacAskill is due to appear at the Alcohol Focus Conference to promote the governments amendments to the Alcohol Bill, aiming to put local Health Boards on equal footing with Police Authorities and have them notified of all new licence applications in their catchment area. Licensing authorities would be required to seek their views on their policy statemets and assessments on the number of licenses in circulation, a practice some areas already employ, while local licensing forums – new statutory bodies that advise boards on relevant issues – will be required to have a nominee from their local health board. Return to All News

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