Gascoigne faces a long road to recovery

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The latest claims about Paul Gascoigne are that he was injecting cocaine and drinking 15 cans of beer and two litres of gin a day, before he flew to the US to get help with his addictions.

Image of Paul Gascoigne

The footballer, who won 57 caps for England scoring 10 international goals, is currently in intensive care in the US, before he then goes to a clinic in Arizona to help treat his alcohol addiction.

He was the most talented and loved football player of his generation.  But he is now battling once again with his addictions that threaten to destroy his life.

As John McLean, founder of Abbeycare says:

“Gazza needs careful medical supervision along with ongoing long term therapy.  There are only two drugs that require medical intervention – alcohol and heroin – and he needs professional help now before it is too late.”

There are serious dangers related to alcohol detox.  In heavy drinkers, the body compensates for the depressive effect of alcohol by ramping up production of a number of hormones and brain chemicals, like serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine.

When a person suddenly stops drinking alcohol, the body becomes flooded with abnormally high levels of those chemicals, causing various symptoms including heart palpitations, arithma, peripheral tremors, insomnia and nausea. That is why alcohol withdrawal is so dangerous and must be done correctly under the right type of supervision.

However, once the detox has been done, a patient is still a long way off recovery.  Good rehabs in the UK advocate following the 12 Step model.  Recovery is a process, not a model. At Abbeycare we promote the 12 Step model, encouraging residents to use an ongoing support fellowship and to better understand the philosophy and teachings that are the cornerstones of many millions of recovering people throughout the world.

The concern around many celebrities who book themselves into residential rehab is that they are simply doing it for vanity reasons, and are not committed to the time and effort that it takes to fully recover from alcohol addiction.

Hopefully, Paul Gascoigne and those around him are fully committed to helping him on his road to recovery.

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Author: Dr Khan

Consultant, General and Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead, Abbeycare Scotland Dr Khan is Abbeycare Scotland’s clinical lead, and oversees the delivery of the medical and detox elements of the Abbeycare program at our Scottish clinic. Read more about Dr Khan on LinkedIn

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