Compulsory Daily Breath Tests for Problem Drinkers

A pilot scheme being introduced in London could see people convicted of a drink related crime have to take mandatory daily breath tests to prove their sobriety. Failure of the test, which costs a pound a time, may lead to instant incarceration, court appearance and jail time. Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse ha said that: “The advantage of this is that it is not just punitive, but corrective.” The Deputy Mayor also the praised the cost aspect of the trials, as the regulation of peoples sobriety is much more cost effective than their imprisonment. Especially as they pay for the test themselves. Don Shenker, representing Alcohol Concern, the national alcohol awareness charity, has stated that ‘compulsory sobriety’ is not the best way to teach people about drinking moderately, and called for more government funding for research into alcohol education.

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