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Christian-based alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers are faith-based programmes that focus on providing addiction treatment services but with a spiritual approach. 

There isn’t much difference in the treatment procedures of such centers, and the patients usually engage in therapy sessions that are similar to all others in the country, such as group counseling, trauma treatment, and behavioral therapy. 

However, what differentiates them from the other treatment programmes is that they are Christian or faith-centered.

They incorporate religious teachings in all aspects of their treatment plan. 

While not all alcohol clinics are dubbed “Christian-based,” almost all typically incorporate Christian teachings. Some even include a Christian lifestyle in their core offering for alcohol detox, aftercare, and counseling. 

Abbeycare operate a blended programme, applying both the 12 steps, and a therapy based approach. Our guide to alcohol rehab treatment at Abbeycare, is here.

Most people consider Alcoholics Anonymous as a programme solely based on Christianity because of its emphasis on “Giving it all up to God or a higher power.” 

Who Should Consider Christian Rehab Centre? 

Individuals who wish to remain connected closely to their Christian faith should consider Christian rehab centers.

They are either lifelong or devout Christians or people who have recently rediscovered their faith through alcoholism. 

A Christian-based alcohol programme offers a Christian individual the chance to be near other Christian people or Like-minded people while receiving treatment. 

Do Christian Alcohol Rehab Centers Work? 

Whether Christian alcohol rehab centers work or not depends on the individual.

As we have mentioned above, all rehab centers, whether Christian or not, follow the same treatment plans.

The only difference with a Christian-based center is that it incorporates various faith-based teachings in its programme. 

The success of rehab highly depends on the commitment of the addict and his desire to remain sober.

Sobriety is a long journey that can only work with dedication, determination, and a strong desire to succeed. 

So, any rehab center can work. It all depends on the addict. 

who should consider christian rehab centre

How Faith-Based Rehab Can Help You 

A faith-based rehab can help you on your road to recovery from alcohol addiction. These alcohol and drug rehab centers will help you in the following ways; 

Providing Christ-Centered Living 

Most addiction specialists will recommend a sober living facility for their patients. This is for people who seek continued support after rehab.

These sober living facilities are homes that offer a place of healing within a safe environment that is built on the Christian Faith. 

The Faith-based rehab center has the added benefit of providing these facilities to their patients, where they reside in a shared living space with people of similar faith. 

They Offer A Faith-Based Support System

Most treatment facilities will offer treatment for overcoming alcohol abuse and other behavioral issues.

Still, a Christian-based recovery center is designed to help you overcome these issues and also enable you to grow spiritually as you develop a strong relationship with your faith. 

A Seamless Care 

For people seeking support for alcohol and drug addiction, these Christian-centered facilities will help an individual reduce the risk of relapse and make the transition from rehab to the real world much more manageable. 

Your Christian-based outpatient care will offer recovery tools that are consistent with what you learned from the clinic. 

Provides Christian Mentors 

If you are a Christian, a Christ-based center will bridge the gap between addiction and recovery with Christian mentors to help you get better.

This allows you to learn how to take control of your actions, thoughts, and emotions. 

The mentors share the same beliefs as you, and they provide potent coaches and role models for your recovery journey, offering a positive growth environment. 

1-week alcohol rehab

The length of time alcohol was used and how much was consumed may determine the duration of alcohol rehab. Typically, alcohol addiction treatment usually lasts from 30 days to 90 days in most rehab centres. 

The 1-week alcohol rehab is suitable for people who cannot afford or have the time for a long-term rehabilitation program. In this kind of rehab, detox is prioritised as it is the most important part of recovery. Detox ensures that all addictive substances are removed from the inpatient’s body. 

7-days alcohol rehab inpatients must continue to receive treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms after rehab.

Alcohol rehab for women

According to studies, women are more likely to visit the emergency room or die due to an overdose or other side effects of certain substances. Women may also be more vulnerable to craving and relapse, which are important stages in the addiction cycle.[1][2][3]

If you’re a woman suffering from alcoholism, women-only addiction therapy might be the best option for you. Medical specialists in alcohol rehab for women are specially trained to adapt to the unique needs of female inpatients and provide a more comfortable environment where women can receive the care they need.


They Offer the Healing Power of the Love of Christ 

For a Christian, this is extremely powerful and helps one on their recovery journey. Each step of the recovery is Christian-based and offers teachings surrounded by the love of Christ and his unconditional support, love, and devotion.

This is very effective for a recovering addict. 

Christian Rehab for Women 

These are Christian Rehab Centers that are specifically designed for women.

This means that everyone in the rehab is a woman, and most staff members are probably women.

They are absolutely effective, especially for women that have a hard time sharing their experiences in groups that include men. 

These could be women that have probably suffered abuse at the hands of men and are simply looking for a way to recover without the constant reminder. 

Again, they operate just like any other Rehab center for women, and the only difference is that they are Christian-based and founded on religious principles. 

They offer a comfortable and safe setting for women in recovery to share stories and open up about their feelings. 

There are many benefits to such centers, such as:

  • A non-judgmental, non-confrontational, and compassionate environment for a woman to share her fears, struggles, and anxieties. 
  • The ability to share with other women in the group about one’s struggles in a safe community. 
  • The ability to develop a shared sense of empathy with other women and find common issues provides mutual support for the women. 

All-female groups offering supportive settings for the treatment of co-occurring disorders that only women struggle with. 

  • Therapy that is woman-focused, providing emotional and social support for problems such as; 
  • Stigmatization of women who are alcoholics. 
  • The negative portrayal of women in the media and society 
  • The stereotypical approach to women, beauty, and their sexuality 
  • Motherhood. 
  • Family and social pressures 
  • Marital problems 
  • Codependency and abuse 
  • Other issues that could have contributed to the addiction. 
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