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Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Most of us enjoy an alcoholic drink and there’s nothing wrong with that- a few drinks can certainly be enjoyed in moderation, without any adverse health effects. 

However, many people do struggle with alcohol addiction, which can easily creep in when alcohol use becomes more frequent. Once an addiction to alcohol is in place, it’s incredibly difficult to break the cycle of abuse, and this addiction can lead to any number of physical and mental illnesses and conditions. Readily available over the counter, alcoholism affects not only the individual suffering from the addiction, but also their family and friends.  The condition of alcoholism, refers to drinking to excess – which eventually causes the body to become dependent on alcohol, in everyday life

Rehabilitation for Alcoholics

At Abbeycare, we understand that although there are set processes and procedures used to combat alcoholism, each of our clients has a completely different and unique set of requirements – which we understand in our initial consultation assessments. These assessments are geared towards understand what rehabilitation will work best for each client, whether that’s home therapy, or a residential course of rehab. 

Of course, fighting alcoholism can be an incredibly turbulent time – which is why all our centres combine both a physiological and psychological approaches to help beat the addiction for good. Using both group and individual therapy, this program has been designed to allow each client to accept their addiction, before achieving sobriety. As well as therapy, our medically trained staff oversee a carefully planned detoxification from alcohol, which again is tailored around each clients exact needs – the aim of this detoxification is to completely remove alcohol from the system, allowing our clients to give up alcohol completely – rather than begin a never ending cycle of cutting down on drinking temporarily. 

With rehab centres across the UK, we are able to organise and deploy an effective – and incredibly comfortable rehabilitation experience – regardless of your location.

If you have any questions about this service, or how these services can help yourself or a loved one – please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. 


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