Rapid Opiate Detox

10 Day Rapid Opiate Detox At Abbeycare
Rapid_Opiate_DetoxRapid Opiate Detox is a fast, 10 day detoxification for withdrawal from opiate drugs.


It represents the initial stage of a full recovery program, and is carried out in a residential, supervised, clinical setting, in our Abbeycare treatment centres.


Our unique 10 day detox protocol offers a gentler, more comfortable detox from opiates, compared to the historical 5 day rapid opiate detox approach.


Rapid Opiate Detox demonstrates significant success rates, with 95% of clients progressing, opiate-free, to the next stage of the recovery journey.


What Is Rapid Opiate Detox?
Rapid Opiate Detox is a fast, 10 day supervised detox for those on the first steps of recovery from opiate drug use.


Depending on the specifics of drug usage, personal history, current levels of dependence, etc, full detox is typically achievable within 10-12 days.


Fully supervised, Abbeycare’s Rapid Opiate Detox treatment utilises a 2-step combination of specific medications designed to minimise withdrawal symptoms and increase comfort, compared to the more aggressive 5 day detox method.


In many cases, this gentler process allows faster return of mental clarity, and increased ability to engage in additional recovery options, such as therapeutic counselling, or CBT sessions.


Our gentler 10 day detox offers greater reassurance to those with concerns over withdrawal side effects. Importantly, no sedation is required during our Rapid Detox.

Rapid Opiate Detox Complemented By Additional Recovery Options
Importantly, Rapid Opiate Detox works to help overcome the initial physical and chemical dependence on opiates, but does not automatically resolve the psychological, emotional, or social aspects of addiction – i.e. the underlying causes of the addictive behaviour in the first place.


For this reason, Rapid Opiate Detox should be considered the initial step of a committed recovery journey, and continued abstinence from opiates.



Patients admitting for Rapid Opiate Detox require three named individuals on record before treatment commences:
– A named supervisor – to support the individual in coordinating care arrangements before, during and after Rapid Opiate Detox treatment.
– Addiction recovery professional – to liaise with Abbeycare and support re-integration following treatment
– Initial Referrer – The source who referred the client into the service initially.


The detox process itself is carried out in-house at Abbeycare residential UK clinics, and is supervised throughout by our experienced clinical team, and supported by our addiction specialist support workers.


Rapid Opiate Detox is now available at our Newmarket clinic, and availability at our Scotland clinic will be confirmed shortly.


Completing Treatment
Following detox completion, custom aftercare plans for the next stage of recovery are available, e.g.
– graduation from Rapid Opiate Detox into residential rehab
– outpatient aftercare work such as CBT, counselling, or alternative therapies
– remote support work to assist you in the transition beyond the initial post-detox period, and re-integrate into work, relationships and family life.
…as well as our 24hr telephone support.


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