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Prescription Medication Detox – Alcohol
Detox Via prescription MedicationPrescription medication is the most common method of detox from alcohol, with strong historical success in minimising cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Carried out in our UK Abbeycare residential rehab clinics, prescription medication mimics the chemical effects of alcohol, and dosage is gradually reduced over time.

This enables safe, comfortable detox whilst allowing the individual to quickly begin the therapeutic recovery journey, addressing the underlying drivers of addiction.

The specific medications prescribed are normally Librium (chlordiazepoxide), or, less often, Valium (diazepam).

By replacing the physiological effects of alcohol, without ingesting any, prescription detox allows the body to break down the residual alcohol over time, eventually leaving the body substance-free.

Importantly, better long term success rates are typically found by those who participate – as actively as possible – in a therapeutic approach to resolve the underlying issues behind the addiction.

Most can begin participating in keywork support sessions and group work within days after detox begins.

This initial detox is a crucial period of increased awareness of the patterns of addiction in your life, and the decision to actively change them.

Combining a supervised detoxification process with therapeutic work can give significant insights and provide a strong foundation for long term recovery results.

Prescription Detox Admission
During admission, our doctor carries out a comprehensive medical examination and consultation, evaluating your:

– physical health
– mental health
– history of substance misuse
– pulse rate and blood pressure checks
– current levels of intoxication
– current and previous medications used

(S)he will then prescribe the most appropriate detox program for you personally, to be taken at specific intervals.


After Detox

As your prescription detox progresses, you will be invited to take part in all the elements of the recovery program, including:

– one-to-one keyword support sessions
– CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
– attending local social and peer recovery groups
– patient recovery forums
– alternative therapies, such as massage, reiki, reflexology
– daily meditation program


At Abbeycare we nurture your emotional journey alongside your physical and chemical detox, for a more complete recovery, and lasting sobriety.


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