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IV Nutritional Detox Treatment Program:IV Nutritional Detox

•    At Abbeycare we treat you at our UK clinics personally and DON’T refer you to an external provider.

•    IV Nutritional Detox treatment is provided at Abbeycare UK clinics, as the first step in a full addiction recovery therapeutic program.

•    Following a complete medical assessment by a doctor, your IV Nutritional Detox treatment will begin at levels specific to you, your background, specific substance use, and pre-existing conditions.

•    Your treatment protocol will be administered intravenously, to ensure the correct concentrations required.

•    Depending on your individual circumstances, the IV Nutritional Detox treatment normally lasts around 5-7 days, for 5-8 hours each day, during which time you are free to relax, watch tv, read, etc

•    In some cases, IV infusions may continue for up to 14 days, depending on the specific substance abuse involved.

•    Once IV Nutritional Detox treatment is complete, all patients progress through the remainder of the 28 day rehab program, including workshops, psycho-social and behavioural help, to understand the root causes of their addiction as well as:

–    Cognitive Therapy
–    Counselling
–    Keywork Sessions
–    Meditation

•    IV Nutritional Detox is an alternative method of substance detoxification, and is not a substitute for the remainder of the rehabilitation process, e.g. psycho-social and behavioural work, cognitive therapy, etc

•    Standard detox via prescriptive medication is available as an alternative to IV Nutritional detoxification, should you prefer it.

•    All clients complete the psycho-social, behavioural, and therapeutic elements of rehabiliation, regardless of whether they undertake substance detox via IV Nutritional detox or prescriptive medication.


IMPORTANT – Your IV Nutritional detoxification protocol is administered by a registered nurse specialising in IV therapy.




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