How IV Nutritional Detox Works

IV Nutritional Detox As The First Step In Recovery…

Amino Acid Therapy for AddictionIV Nutritional Detox is an award winning addiction detox treatment, using a combination of Amino Acids, cofactor enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to:

  • Neutralise brain and body toxins involved in (e.g.) alcohol abuse
  • Restore brain function and balance
  • Minimise withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Reduce potential for relapse, in conjunction with a full rehabilitation program
  • Support the brain and nervous system, allowing complete and lucid engagement in the full recovery process

IV Nutritional Detox can be used as a method of detox from multiple types of substance abuse, including alcohol and drugs.

Clients typically report:

• Renewed clarity and focus
• Faster healing
• Significantly more awareness of the behaviours leading to substance use (when part of a full rehabilitation program); and
• Greater success in long term recovery


How Is IV Nutritional Detox Administered?

IV Nutritional Detox treatment is delivered as a residential treatment exclusively in Abbeycare clinics. It is the original IV formulation of Dr William Hitt, an authority in the field of immunology.

This IV Nutritional Detox formula is specifically created to traverse the blood-brain barrier and restore function of damaged nerve cells.


IV Treatment

IV TreatmentIV Nutritional Detox is the first step of addiction recovery as part of a full rehab program.

Following admission and a full examination by a doctor, the IV solution is usually administered intravenously for 5-7 days, lasting 5-8 hrs each day.

In some cases, IV Nutritional treatment may last up to 14 days, depending on individual circumstances and the specific substance abuse involved.

Treatment is administered by a registered nurse specialising in IV therapy.

Brain and nerve cells begin to be replenished and rebalanced immediately after treatment onset.

IV Nutritional detox rebalances and replenishes the neurotransmitter imbalances formed in the brain as a result of alcohol or drug addiction.

All compounds of the treatment are natural to the body and are considered extremely safe.

Additional oral supplements, complementary to the IV infusion, are available at further cost if required.

Bathing the affected areas of the brain in these formulations, together with vitamins and minerals, can enhance both the quality and rate of detox, restoring function of neurotransmitters damaged from substance abuse.

In research, if success is maintained sobriety after 12 months, the average success rate of residential rehab is 40%. When nutritional treatment is added, success rates escalate to 70%, reaching 81% in some cases.


FACT: Addiction rehab RESCUES relationships, careers, families, and lives…
IV Nutritional Detox UPSCALES It’s Healing Potential


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