IV Nutritional Detox

“Faster & More Comfortable Detox, With Fewer Withdrawal Symptoms, Is Now Available…”


  • Faster, more comfortable detox from alcohol or drug addiction
  • Reduced potential for relapse, when combined with a full rehabilitation program
  • Significantly reduced withdrawal symptoms & cravings
  • Dramatically clearer thinking to complete the full addiction rehabilitation program


…saying goodbye to alcohol or drugs has never been this easy:

New! Clyde Radio Feature Interview

See nutrition expert Dr Damien Downing share his reaction to his own nutritional detox treatment, in this exclusive Clyde Radio interview with Gina McKee.


What Is IV Nutritional Detox?

  • Alcohol or drug addiction creates imbalance in nerve function in the brain, where greater and greater amounts of substance are required to generate the same feelings of happiness or contentment.


  • When the substance is removed, the brain experiences a deficit in neurotransmitters – the body’s messenger chemicals – and triggers the acute cravings associated with substance withdrawal.


  • IV Nutritional Detox is provided at Abbeycare residential clinics, and uses an original formulation of Amino Acids, vitamins, co-enzymes, and minerals, administered intravenously, to replenish and restore brain function and neurotransmitter levels.


  • The result is dramatically reduced cravings and withdrawal symptoms, more comfortable substance detoxification, and greater ability to engage with the remainder of the full rehabilitation program.


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