Additional Detox Support

Choosing a detox program that’s carefully managed, well supervised, and fully supported can be the springboard for lasting long term recovery from addiction.

At Abbeycare we provide multiple additional detox supports, available to those on our 28 day+ programs, to lay the strongest possible foundations for your recovery journey.


Psychiatric Support

People who are alcohol dependent often have other psychiatric problems and disorders, especially anxiety and mood-disorders. As part of the team at Abbeycare, we have a consultant psychiatrist, who can assess and support you, if you are experiencing mental-health problems or have a history of mental-health problems.


Dietary Support

At point of assessment, issues relating to diet, nutrition or eating disorders may be identified. In this case, a referral will be made to our Dietician who will carry out a further assessment and, if required, support you through the treatment process. Our chef consults with all clients about the preparation of our menus in order to ensure that your dietary requirements are met and balanced, healthy and nutritious meals provided.

As part of the detox process, and to encourage a relaxed detox environment, Abbeycare asks you to abstain from caffeinated drinks while in treatment. De-caffeinated coffee and tea is available, while a range of herbal alternatives is provided and encouraged. Soft drinks, caffeinated or otherwise, are not allowed on-site. As a show of support, staff members also avoid soft drinks and caffeinated beverages.

Focussed Nutrition in Holistic Detox

At Abbeycare, we believe strongly in a holistic (meaning ‘whole’ or ‘joined up’) approach to alcohol recovery, which is why we employ a Dietary Support Programme.

Many people who suffer alcohol dependency are very aware of the damage that alcohol is doing to their body, but overlook the damaging aspects of their associated diet. In the pursuit of alcohol, the need for a balanced and nutritious diet generally gets forgotten.

Detox at Abbeycare includes targeted nutrition to re-build damaged neurotransmitters in the brain (which you learn about in the program), and re-establish your balance on a bio-chemical and hormonal level. A combination of holistic nutrition and psychological/spiritual education is, we believe, the key to effective addiction care and recovery.

Remember, while at Abbeycare you have access to our dedicated Nutritionist and Healthcare Team to answer questions. Among the staff are vegetarians and members of the Vegan Society who are also available to answer questions about making healthy changes in your lifestyle.

Recovery is a life-changing event, and Abbeycare is on hand to help you change from the inside out.


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