Alcohol & Drug Detox

At Abbeycare clinics we provide multiple detox options for alcohol and drugs.

All detox programs can be customised with a tailored aftercare solution specific to your needs.


Detoxification (detox) in general is the period during which the body readjusts to having no drugs or alcohol in the system.


In practice detox normally consists of 3 elements:
– Managing withdrawal symptoms following cessation of drug or alcohol intake

– Allowing the body to break down and eliminate excess drugs or alcohol from the system

– Preparing, or beginning, to work on the underlying emotional and psychological drivers of the addiction.

Detox is normally carried out by the substitution of alternative medication which has similar effects to the abused substance, in place of the abused substance. In this way, withdrawal symptoms can be minimised.


Standard Detox Via Prescriptive Medication

Detox Via prescription MedicationAvailable for alcohol detox and drug detox, medications such as Librium or diazepines are used to replace the chemical effects of the alcohol/drugs abused and minimise withdrawal symptoms.


Dosage is gradually reduced over time until the body is chemically free of alcohol.


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IV Nutritional Detox

IV-Nutritional-Detox-First-Step-In-RecoveryAvailable for both alcohol and drug detox, IV Nutritional detox uses a specific, natural formula of minerals, co-enzymes, and vitamins, to traverse the blood-brain barrier and rebalance areas of the brain affected by substance addiction.

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Home Alcohol Detox

HomeAlcoholDetoxPrivate, affordable, home-based detox, assisted by a specialist addictions nurse, usually over 7 days.


Light sedation, vitamins, and other medications are used to manage withdrawal symptoms. Home alcohol detox can be combined with an aftercare or therapeutic package customised to your needs.


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Rapid Opiate Detox

Rapid_Opiate_DetoxSpecifically for detox from opiate drugs such as heroin, codeine, and methadone, a 10 day detox managed under specialist medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, allowing clients to progress rapidly to the aftercare and therapeutic elements of the recovery process.


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