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Welcome to Abbeycare – we are offering free aftercare for all those wishing to book onto our 28-day inpatient programme.

1. 12 free sessions of one to one aftercare therapy

2. 2 years’ free access to our aftercare group therapy sessions

When you think about it, a 28-day treatment programme is a short period of time to create the kind of transformation we see occurring in a person coming out of active addiction to the one living life full of possibilities and without the control and circumstances created by a chemical dependency.

People inevitably experience some difficult moments during their stay in treatment.

Circumstances are often not at their best when a person admits to rehab.

Their mental and emotional states are imbalanced and experienced quite intensely. Problems can seem insurmountable, cravings overwhelming continually attacking our motivation.


However, these experiences all occur within the safety of a contained environment, with trained and experienced professionals.


We create for our clients the kind of nurturing learning environment within which they can begin to develop the knowledge, skills and resilience necessary for a solid foundation to sustain on-going abstinence based recovery from active addiction.

Aftercare One to One Therapy:
One to one aftercare therapy enables you to continue the work begun in your four weeks at Abbeycare. One to one sessions with a Psychotherapist who understands addiction.


The focus is more on the underlying issues that will have been revealed during treatment – these are the lifelong ways of thinking and believing that have controlled our lives and led to life threatening consequences.


As you have already experienced four weeks of intense therapeutic process, you will be more than ready for continuing in a safe and understood approach.


In twelve sessions, it is possible to deepen your own self-awareness: of the problems you have encountered; how you have fundamentally disturbed yourself; and the difference between abstinence from your drug/behaviour of choice and recovery, a much deeper lifelong commitment.

Perhaps one to one aftercare therapy can bring back the fun and joy for life – remember that……………..?



Aftercare Group:
Our aftercare groups provide a transition between the safety of our clinic to the stresses, difficulties, and realities of life.


It offers a continuation of the invaluable therapeutic element of addiction treatment and allows persons leaving treatment to take responsibility for maintaining and contributing to the support of others.

Peers that come together in group aftercare meetings experience support and strength in participating in each other’s recovery.


It is a very practical and effective way to establish new social networks and support structures, separate from pre-existing and possibly high risk environments from before treatment.

Others may decide that further counselling, or health and wellbeing activities will form part of their aftercare planning and build such activities in to develop a quality to their new lives in recovery.

ULTIMATELY, the purpose of aftercare is to help prevent relapse!

During inpatient treatment, FOUNDATION FOR RECOVERY will be built.

Aftercare is the phase where clients begin to build on their foundation with crucial experiential Our fantastic offer of over £1,000 aftercare therapy individualised, made personal by experience, hopes and dreams.

“I look forward to Monday evenings and actually feel disappointment if I am unable to attend. To date I’ve only missed a couple due to circumstances. I am passionate about my experience at Abbeycare”
PH, Abbeycare, 2016.

“The Aftercare groups are important as I can come together with other programme participants to share our joys and challenges as we continue in the next phase of our recovery”
LM, Abbeycare, 2016.


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