Addiction Treatment

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Admission

Referral & Admission Process

Referral to the inpatient clinic can be made by anyone, including the client, by phone, via the website or by letter. Referral details are then logged, and an information-pack and application-form are sent out within 24 hours.

After receiving information about the alcohol and drug treatment service and detox programs, you can discuss your options with family, friends and any health-professionals who may be supporting you.

We also offer rehab finance options and payment plans to suit your circumstances.

Once you have made the decision to access our addiction treatment service, the next step is a telephone assessment with the client. This is carried out in order to gather background information, with particular emphasis on healthcare issues. It is important that we can establish that each client is suitable to receive alcohol or drug treatments at Abbeycare and that we can meet your needs.

As part of the telephone assessment, we will ask permission to contact your GP to request a medical report. This is requested in order to inform our Doctors for your admission, to identify and reduce risk, and to provide continuity of healthcare.

Once the telephone assessment has been completed, an admission date will be identified and agreed to ensure your place on the programme at Abbeycare.

At point of admission to the alcohol & drug rehab clinic, a comprehensive assessment will be carried out by our treatment team. Information gathered at this assessment about needs and issues will be used to develop your care-plan. Also at point of admission, a medical consultation will be carried out by our Doctor, who will assess your substance detox requirements and prescribe your detox – either prescriptive medication, or nutritional detox if it is your chosen treatment option.

If it is decided that the service cannot meet any of your particular needs of the client, you will be referred to another, more suitable, service.


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Admission Stage

  • New arrivals are seen and welcomed by duty staff.
  • Admission assessment is completed and signed.
  • Admission consultation is carried out by our Doctor and alcohol/drug detox prescribed, if required.
  • Written agreement and consent forms are discussed, and signed only when they have been understood.
  • Clients belongings are searched for alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Valuables may be handed over for safe-keeping, if requested.
  • A staff-member is allocated to assist you in settling in.
  • Payment for the balance of your addiction treatment is made.


Conditions of Residence

The client must be over 18 years of age, and must be looking to become abstinent from alcohol or drugs.

Whilst the main criterion for residence is that the client is substance dependent at the point of application, there are issues which Abbeycare addiction treatment centre cannot accommodate, such as a history of sexual offences or a history of extreme violence.

As a condition of residence on the addiction rehab programme, all clients must accept and comply with the main rules of the house.

  • No alcohol on or off the premises.
  • No drugs, other than those prescribed.
  • No caffeinated drinks.
  • No violence or threats of violence.
  • No gambling.
  • No sexual or ‘special’ relationships, as perceived by staff, between clients.

A client who contravenes any of these rules may be automatically discharged from Abbeycare.

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