Alcohol Death Rates ‘Doubled’ In A Generation

The number of Scots dying of alcohol related diseases has doubled in a generation, according to a top alcohol abuse expert. Dr Peter Rice, a consultant psychiatrist who heads the Tayside Alcohol Problems Service, said adults now consume twice as much alcohol as their parents did.

Speaking at the start of Alcohol Awareness Week, Dr Rice said that drink related cancer is on the rise. He said: “There is a considerable amount of health harm through alcohol.. Death rates have doubled over the last generation.. For younger people, alcohol related harm is a considerable risk. This current generation probably drinks twice what their parents did and we’ve seen rates of harm and alcohol death go up.” “The practice of ‘pre-loading’ on drink at home before going out is new.

Twenty years ago this was unusual behaviour.” ” Then there are the accidents that happen when people are intoxicated – and not just road accidents. Many pedestrian injuries are related to intoxication. There are a whole range of ways alcohol can impact on a person’s health. ” Cancer rates are falling in Scotland, but not those associated with alcohol. Mouth and Liver cancer are probably the best two examples.” Scotland has also been revealed aas having one of the fastest growing rates of liver disease and cirrhosis anywhere in the world, while excessive drinking can also contribute to strokes, high blood pressure, sleep problems and weight gain.

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