Norman’s Abbeycare Experience

A life audit

Norman, a semi-retired accountant, underwent alcohol detox and had treatment for his drinking at Abbeycare eight months ago. He has been sober since and is enjoying his life more than ever. Until he quit drinking, Norman had made the lives of those around him unbearable. His wife was having her own breakdown because of his drinking and behaviour, his grown-up children refused to speak to him and, in-turn, kept his grand children away from him. His own health was also deteriorating rapidly because of alcohol.

Normon’s drinking behaviour

Norman tells us about his drinking and also how he got well. “At the time, I never realised what I was doing to myself and other people. I put my wife’s reaction to my drinking down to her own personality, telling her that she had issues and I was doing nothing wrong. When my children didn’t want to see me and prevented me seeing my two beautiful grand kids, I actually blamed them and my wife for conspiring against me. Everyone else had problems but not me. I really couldn’t see it although I had a feeling that I could change everything if I wanted to but I just couldn’t stop drinking. “As part of Abbeycare’s rehab programme I had quite a lot of counselling. I’m not – or I wasn’t – the sort of person who needed to speak to a counsellor. They were for other people, people with emotional or psychological problems. Not me. I’m Norman, I have a stiff upper lip and people like me just get on with it. How absurd that kind of thinking was. I was drinking constantly throughout the day and if I didn’t drink, I felt ill or ill-at-ease.

Addiction Counselling at Abbeycare

The addiction counsellors at Abbeycare made me see the real reasons why I consumed so much booze. They made me see the real me and how to become the me I wanted to be.” “I found the therapy sessions pretty amazing, especially the solution transference techniques and motivational interviewing. The sessions are designed to find the solutions that I need to deliver me from my dependency on alcohol and mould them into a workable programme, transferring the responsible choices of life squarely on my shoulders.” “Abbeycare taught me that no matter what reason for my drinking – and it’s easy to get in to it, believe me – that I probably couldn’t help myself at the time because I was physically and mental addicted to alcohol. I suppose that’s why so many people die from booze, they are so deeply addicted but don’t get the help they need.

Just in time

I’m just glad I managed to get help in time as my body was beginning to really feel the effects of the all the booze. I had a constant hangover, sore torso, and aches and pains everywhere. Norman also found that his alcohol dependency isolated him, giving up hobbies and pastimes he previously enjoyed and also letting friendships diminish. He rarely went out apart from visits to the supermarket to buy wine, or to walk the dog in the morning to try and clear his head. He withdrew into himself without even knowing it. “Before I arrived at Abbeycare, I couldn’t see my life without alcohol. Now that I’ve been through the programme, I have learned so much about myself and my level of consciousness has been raised. I have no need to drink.

No more excuses

We never really get a chance to take stock and look at ourselves, do we? At Abbeycare, I was asked to do a life audit which was really surprising and made me understand the way I felt about myself. I had been dwelling on some things and avoiding some other things for years and gave all sorts of excuses in order to avoid correcting them. I worked through them at Abbeycare and all’s now well and content within me. I actually can’t imagine my life with alcohol still in it!” Norman now enjoys all of life and has now sorted out everything with his wife, children and grandchildren, whom he sees regularly now. “As an accountant, my old life on a profit and loss account sheet would have been trading as insolvent – there were no sales in my balance sheet, only losses. Now, my life’s in healthy profit and the forecast looks strong!”


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