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Abbeycare has been able to help hundreds of people who have one thing in common: they are determined to overcome their addiction for good. Many people have been here with us, and we try to keep in contact with everyone we can.

Of course, some people just wish to put the nightmare of addiction behind them, and use what they have learned at Abbeycare to move forward in life. We unreservedly encourage that attitude.

However, this means it is impossible for us to give you a meaningful statement of our success. To tell you how many of our former clients have been able to maintain their sobriety – like any rehab – is not possible.

We can say however that almost everybody who has come to Abbeycare has completed the programme. If you complete the programme, you have the best chance of staying sober.

On these pages, we can show you some of the responses we had when we contacted former clients. These people have completed the programme, returned to normal life, and were willing to share their experiences with you.


Alison started drinking as a teenager and by the age of 39 was completely lost in alcohol, wasn’t going to work, her life had crumbed around her, was taking antidepressants and, no matter how many times she tried herself, couldn’t stay off the bottle. Read More >>


John spent 28 days in Abbeycare and three years later is still sober. Focused, healthy and happy, John talks about his life then and now. That was three years ago and John has been talking with us about how his attitude to alcohol – and life – is completely different compared to the dark days of his drinking. Read More >>


Norman, a semi-retired accountant, underwent detox and had treatment for his drinking at Abbeycare eight months ago. He has been sober since and is enjoying his life more than ever. Until he quit drinking, Norman had made the lives of those around him unbearable. Read more >>


Susan had always been a social drinker, but in a three-year period she found her drinking out of control and her life crumbling around her. She thought all avenues to get help were exhausted but managed to come to Abbeycare for a month-long stay. Susan tells us what happened and how she is now. Read More >>


Audrey, a seventy-year-old mother of four with ten grandchildren came to Abbeycare – Scotland’s only specialist alcohol rehab – because of her alcohol dependence and when all seemed lost for her. Read more >>


Robert, a family business man, spent nearly 20 years drinking. He tells us about his quick downfall but how he managed to get well against the odds. Read more >>

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