Abbeycare opens first alcohol specific rehab in England – PRESS RELEASE

Abbeycare, a leading provider of specialist residential alcohol treatment and detoxification centres, today announces the opening of its third UK rehab, in Newmarket, just outside of London.

Abbeycare Newmarket, in Suffolk, is the only private alcohol exclusive residential centre in England.  The company has a further two rehabilitation facilities in Scotland that also focus exclusively on treating clients suffering with alcoholism and the problems associated with alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse.

The treatment centre will accommodate a maximum of 12 residential patients at one time and will include a 28 day recovery programme, during which clients will undertake a medically supervised detoxification and intensive therapy.  Abbeycare’s renowned alcohol rehabilitation programme uses best practice and proven techniques and is designed to help people get to grips with the physical, psychological and emotional implications of their alcohol problem.  In addition to treatment and detoxification, Abbeycare also provide a highly comprehensive aftercare service.

John McLean, Abbeycare’s founder, says: “We are a small, private and discrete centre that offer an exclusive alcohol treatment and detoxification service. Our size and focus allow us to provide a different service to other UK rehab clinics that is tailored to each individual client. Evidence has shown that by working solely and uniquely with people with alcohol difficulties, we have a better chance of recovery by working in a group of people with the same symptoms and who are also ready to seek solutions. This is why our treatment is so effective.”

Abbeycare boast an extremely high success rate as Cathy, one of Abbeycare’s former clients, agrees: “My drinking became out of control and my life started crumbling beneath me, yet it took me some time to admit I had a problem.  However when I did, and I made that call to Abbeycare, they took care of everything for me.  My experience at Abbeycare was the turning point of my life and going to Abbeycare was the best decision I have ever made.”

NHS statistics show that 9% of men and 4% of women in the UK show signs of alcohol dependency[1]. Phillip Baron, Manager at Abbeycare in Newmarket, added: “It is important to know the warning signs as getting the best alcohol treatment at the right time can save someone’s life. Abbeycare Newmarket is committed to offering people the best opportunity for recovery from a progressive chronic condition that could prove fatal.  Our clinic will offer access to specialised treatment for what has become a major problem affecting people from all walks of life.”

[1] NHS statistics – Drinkaware interview with Dr Nick Sheron, Liver specialist at Southampton University. Available at 

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